Wednesday 20 May 2015

Tony Seba: Join The Disruption in Clean Energy And Electric Cars.

  Tony Seba is presenting his case very convincingly: he predicts that conventional cars as we know them will be obsolete by 2030 and Solar Power will charge EVs. Elon Musk is already implementing this disruption on a massive scale and he has quite a few followers all over the world now.
  Elon Musk has twitted that actually the gigantic structure on the video below is just a pilot plant and is 1/4 of the actual size of Gigafactory to be built!

Why Tesla Gigafactory Is Such A Huge Deal - Drone Flyover.

Now you can better appreciate the scale of Tesla Gigafactory and why it is such a huge deal for all lithium industry and electric cars. Elon Musk's bold decision to build this giant facility allows him to move into energy storage and bring us the mass market for electric cars. This is the real tipping point for EVs' roll out all over the world and other Megafactories are already in the making now.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Megafactories Are Coming: Production To More Than Triple by 2020.

  We have the rebirth of the interest to the lithium industry on the investor's radar screens these days. Behind the scenes after the initial hype the best players were growing very fast. Just look at the incredible rise of our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium! We are very lucky, after years of hard work to secure the financing of our two J/V projects by Ganfeng in Ireland and Argentina. Elon Musk has brought attention back to the lithium technology these days and finally our shares are finding some bids. I am writing and talking a lot about Tesla, EVs, Lithium and our companies. This is where my passion and my money are, do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions. We will never discuss any material information which is not public, but we will help you to navigate in our very young, but growing very fast industry. I will never ask you to buy our shares or give any investment advise, but just share with you my very personal vision on the future. For me it is clear - it will be lithium technology for years to come: the chart above make my point more apparent. Please follow Simon Moores and his new Benchmark Mineral Intelligence for industry insights. You will find other names on the links I am providing.

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