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Lithium Catalyst: Can Tesla's Battery Hit $1 Billion Faster Than the iPhone?


  Elon Musk provides huge catalyst to all our Lithium industry. Some people are talking that this "Billion Dollar" publicity along can spur the new growth. The most important thing is that all this hype is supported by solid numbers in reservations and further investments in lithium technology all over the world now. Bloomberg reports on the incredible numbers behind the launch of Tesla Energy Powerwall. 
  International Lithium news about development with Ganfeng Lithium is travelling faster now and we had over 52k visits to our corporate presentation only on slideshare! For all interested I provide some links to start your education about the Energy Metals.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Megafactories Are Coming: Production To More Than Triple by 2020.

  We have the rebirth of the interest to the lithium industry on the investor's radar screens these days. Behind the scenes after the initial hype the best players were growing very fast. Just look at the incredible rise of our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium! We are very lucky, after years of hard work to secure the financing of our two J/V projects by Ganfeng in Ireland and Argentina. Elon Musk has brought attention back to the lithium technology these days and finally our shares are finding some bids. I am writing and talking a lot about Tesla, EVs, Lithium and our companies. This is where my passion and my money are, do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions. We will never discuss any material information which is not public, but we will help you to navigate in our very young, but growing very fast industry. I will never ask you to buy our shares or give any investment advise, but just share with you my very personal vision on the future. For me it is clear - it will be lithium technology for years to come: the chart above make my point more apparent. Please follow Simon Moores and his new Benchmark Mineral Intelligence for industry insights. You will find other names on the links I am providing.
  What makes International Lithium different from other junior miners - access to the capital. Our very deep technical team headed by Gary Schellenberg has identified our projects at the very beginning of the lithium interest in 2008. It took us few long years to bring Ganfeng Lithium to the table. Now this giant from China is financing our J/V projects after studying for years other lithium projects all over the world. Based on the previous results we are drilling now both J/V projects with more information to come in the coming weeks. China controls now 75% of battery grade lithium hydroxide and Ganfeng Lithium is one of the major players in this market. International Lithium is building the supply chain for this vertically integrated lithium business in China. Stay turned and I welcome all our new shareholders to the very exciting new industrial rEVolution we are building our business to be the part of.

Video - Elon Musk Presentation Of Tesla Lithium Energy Storage: PowerWall and PowerPack With "Infinite Scalability".


 Can Tesla's Battery Hit $1 Billion Faster Than the iPhone?

The chart below compares the estimated value of Tesla battery reservations—these are not ironclad commitments to buy—with the early sales of three breakthrough products: the original iPhone, released in 2007; Viagra's debut in 1998; and the introduction of the Tesla Model S battery-powered car in 2012. The iPhone surpassed $1 billion in sales by its third quarter on the market, while Viagra and the Model S needed a bit longer. 
The new line of storage batteries is designed to extend solar power into the night and save companies money on its electric bills during expensive peak hours. Any comparison of batteries to smartphones and erection pills is, of course, a stretch. Most of Tesla’s battery revenue will come from utilities, not the consumers who snapped up iPhones and Viagra. The price of the new batteries is also much higher. Tesla’s Powerwall units designed for home users cost $3,000 to $3,500 per unit, not including installation, while the commercial batteries are sold in roughly $25,000 incremental blocks.
Earnings begin with the first quarter (Q1) of reported revenue for each product. The early figures for the Model S may include some revenue from the previous Roadster model.
Tesla hasn’t even defined what qualifies as a "reservation" at this point. Of the $800 million in reservations from the first week, almost $625 million came from businesses and utilities that would seem likely to complete the transaction. The remaining reservations from home users are little more than expressions of interest made through a no-strings online reservation system.

Manufacturing giant batteries will also be much more difficult to scale than Pfizer’s little blue pill, which was filling 46,000 prescriptions a day by the end of its first month on the market. Tesla won't begin shipping batteries until this summer, and it’s already sold out through mid-2016. Read more on Bloomberg."

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