Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tesla Brings Lithium Battery Power Home: What You Need to Know.

  Elon Musk is breaking into the 21 Billion industry for Energy Storage. Where the lithium will come from? You can find this information on lithium industry from the links below.
  Our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium makes all the difference for International Lithium. Majority of junior miners are struggling to get the access to the capital now. In our case our two J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina are financed by the lithium end-user - 1,3 billion MC company from China Ganfeng Lithium. Demand for lithium is here and will be increasing with every Gigafactory coming on-line, now it is time to build the lithium supply chain!

Elon Musk Presents Tesla Energy: The Move Away From Fossil Fuels With Lithium Batteries.

  Now it is time to study the numbers behind Elon Musk's vision and draw some conclusions for the outcome for our industry. We are entering the very exciting stage for the mass market in electric cars and Solar Power to charge them!

The End of ICE: Genius Elon Musk Starts The Race To The Bottom Of Energy Storage Prices.

Video - Elon Musk Presentation Of Tesla Lithium Energy Storage: PowerWall and PowerPack With "Infinite Scalability".