Monday, 8 December 2014

What Is China’s Ulterior Motive For Gold? – Frank Holmes.

"It’s Monday and that means Frank Holmes is on Kitco News to talk about gold for the week ahead. He touches on China’s role in the global economy and thinks the Chinese have a long-term strategy for their currency. “There is a real shift going on regarding gold – the physical gold going into China – and I think they have a long-term plan,” he says. “They’re out there with a strategy; it appears, to build a huge critical base to support their currency.” Looking at the gold price, Holmes says he expects the price of the metal to rise given that the supply is expected to contract in the coming year. He adds that he doesn’t focus much on price moves but rather looks at gold’s “DNA of volatility.” A rise and fall of $200 in the gold price may just be part of its DNA, he says. What will be gold’s touchdown pass this week? Tune in now to find out! Kitco News, December 8, 2014."

Presentation: TNR Gold Receives Royalty From McEwen Mining On "One Of The Largest Undeveloped Copper Projects".

TNR Gold NSR In Los Azules Copper Project: What Is Net Smelter Return?

Net Smelter Return (NSR) is the net revenue (total revenue minus production costs) that the owner of a mining property receives from the sale of the mine's metal/non metal products less transportation and refining costs. As a royalty it refers to the fraction of net smelter return that a mine operator is obligated to pay the owner of the royalty agreement. The royalty is paid in variable or fixed payments based on sales revenue received by a mining operator in return for mining output. It is contingent only on the sales price and quantity of product sold.[1]  Read more."

I am very pleased to report our latest development on Los Azules.

We have finally locked up the participation in this unique world-class copper  asset for the benefit of all our shareholders:

1. Now we do not have to wait for feasibility study.

2. We do not have to contribute any capital.

3. Our industry standard NSR in "one of the largest undeveloped copper projects", according to McEwen Mining, is in effect immediately and can be monetised now at any time.

4. 0.4% NSR is now attributed to the entire Los Azules project - it is higher than pro-rata 0.6% attributed to only our part of Los Azules before.

5. We will participate in sale of Los Azules by McEwen Mining within 36 month and it is not affecting our NSR. 

6. We are receiving shares in McEwen Mining.

7. Now TNR Gold will benefit directly from:

A. Sale of Los Azules by McEwen Mining within 36 months.
B. Rise in value of McEwen mining shares.
C. Rise in Copper prices.
D. Potential increase in the deposit size and quality of the reported resources of the entire Los Azules.
E. Further feasibility studies conducted by the McEwen Mining or the new Operator and advancement of the project.

Jim Mustard VP of PI Financial can provide you with additional information on Los Azules Copper project and TNR Gold assets related to it.

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