Friday, 26 December 2014

Mining CEO Calls on Fellow Miners to Halt Physical Silver Sales to End the Paper Manipulation.

  How to end silver manipulation: "Let's pick up the month in 2015 and Stop Selling Silver for a month and see what happens" It will be interesting! Can the mining industry come together one day? Will miners ever repeat Rob McEwen's strategy to withhold Gold from selling at lower prices at Gold Corp?

What's In Store For Gold In 2015?

 Very interesting conversation about Gold, market fundamentals, supply and demand  from Scotiabank conference, including Rob McEwen.

TNR Gold: Rob McEwen Webcast on Gold, McEwen Mining and Los Azules Copper.


  Last week Rob McEwen has organised the conference call to discuss Gold, McEwen Mining and Los Azules copper. Please visit McEwen Mining website to find out the webcast and latest presentation from McEwen Mining at Goldman Sachs Annual Global Metals & Mining / Steel conference. You have to register to listen to the conference call. TNR Gold shareholders can find very interesting information on the valuation of Los Azules and investment climate in Argentina provided by McEwen Mining.
  Please read our full legal disclaimer and do not rely on any of this information in your investment decisions. You can find all latest TNR Gold information in our regulatory filings and on TNR Gold website.

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