Saturday 22 May 2021

"The Art Of War": China's Gold And Bitcoin Crypto Dragons.

My dear Friends, I have to address another very important issue for all gasping for air starfishes left alone on the beach after the first wave demolished their Bitcoin and Crypto sandcastles. 

The Tsunami is coming.

Jim Cramer & Mad Money investigate...

"My dear Friends, hopefully, you are reading my blog and Twitter feed not for the first time. Your Crypto Dreams must be Hedged with Gold or you were strong enough not to get on Bitcoin Crypto drugs.


Take heart & stay strong, if we met only now. It's a war for you now. Stay cool, but start thinking."

It is utterly disgusting to watch how green Crypto dragons cringed overnight and turned out to be just noisy dragonflies. Now they are trying to have their own last supper feasting on the helpless prey. "Pump and Dump Boiler Rooms" in Vancouver had more style in their heyday. I do apologise one more time:

"For your personal risk management, two very simple things are very important to understand. The first one, the whales with laser eyes who are pumping up and selling Bitcoin to you today at $50,000 will be fine even if Bitcoin will crash tomorrow to $25,000 and will never come back.

They will be more than fine if they really "bought it at $1." You will lose half of your capital. And second, Elon Musk can lose $40 Billion dollars after his bitcoin adventure with Tesla, he will be fine.


Not a lot of young revolutionaries who are fighting FED on the dark web blockchains will ever recover after losing $40,000. Never forget it and trade accordingly, just do not call it an investment.

The potential realisation by the herd that if you do not know who is "the sucker" at the Bitcoin poker table - it is you, can bring the overnight Catalyst for the Gold market.



And, please, never forget that Big Brothers and their FED hate competition and can let play you in revolutionaries for a while, but nobody is allowed to challenge "the right given by God" to "the right and chosen people" to mint the FIAT currency of any sorts."


Crypto dragonflies have crossed all lines now. Even Wall Street and Bubble TV can pass ESG certification comparing to this extermination of the whole generation. The Crypto Slaughterhouse.

Now back to Dragons. They are real and they are made of pure Gold in China. And "The Art of War" was perfected there as well. Always respect your friends, but never disrespect those who are not trying to befriend you on your Facebook.


First, please never forget that you have never shared with me your profits and accept in advance that I will not be sharing your tears. Hedge your Crypto dreams before Tether tears. 

Second, I am not smarter than you. Super smart people can even put dogecoin on the Moon. I am in mining, and in our business, we must have real assets. Tough people, unforgiving Mother Nature and ruthless Mr Market are treating us by fire separating Gold from dirt.

I just have been there and I have done it. In 2000 and 2008. Have you? And I am not holding any bags for anyone after that. I would hate to see more monuments for those who could not make it back into the sea and was left on the beach to be eaten by vultures in 2021. Enough.

We are talking about the $2.5 Trillion "Crypto Economy" vanishing into the thin air here. The Tsunami is coming when all straw hats may be on sale with Christmas discounts even by early Fall. And all Tulip Bubbles, even Crypto, will be sold again for $1.90 a dozen.

Those "market gyrations" are not due to "transitional inflation" anymore. These are many billions of dollars in losses - starting with "GameStop Fun on Reddit" which lead to the Archegos explosion - which is now making its way through the system. Bitcoin at this stage and all Crypto Bubbles are Virtual DeepFake Video Games, but your losses will be real. Wake up.

"Now everything is back to normal and the proper centuries-old definition can be applied even during the Twitter and Reddit investment gurus age. Bubbles are bubbles. If you put two bubbles together, you just getting a larger bubble. 


Who will bring down who is not so important for us here. I love Tesla and Elon Musk is a genius, but my money is going upstream for a long time and now Tesla is moving up as well with its "The Art of War" in Lithium Space."


Next is a potential liquidity crunch. Now even Swiss bastions of "banking risk management" are firing "risk managers" and cutting back all risk exposure after many billions in losses. Nobody knows what is going on. 

"The old beautiful law of leverage can produce miracles on the way up if it is applied properly. The same law has already crashed the whole civilisations.


Not everybody is ready to dive really deep with me to learn about "Rehypothecation Silos in the UK" - MMT collateral pyramids on the grand scale - the driving engine of modern financial miracles.


It can provide you with a better understanding of the real risks involved in the overleveraged financial system. In my very personal opinion, all these Dark Web Crypto scams are worse squared." 

Who is exposed to what? God forbid for us to start learning new banking slang by the Fall. Liquidity is driving this very tired FOMO market. Now, this liquidity is evaporating with the Bitcoin Crypto dreams of so many.

I do hope that I am wrong here and it will be a blessing for us all. We still can make it together. But you must start thinking. And reading. Tesla's Bitcoin "Environmental Report" is out from Tether


It looks like a new future blockbuster for Netflix already. "If considered alongside on and offshore prime money market funds, the Tether reserve fund would already be firmly in the top ten."

"We have Tesla's Bitcoin "Environmental Report" from Tether. "Tether's First Reserve Breakdown Shows Token 49% Backed By Unspecified Commercial Paper." To be more precise:


Tether is backed by Cash (2.9%), Treasury Bills (2.2%) and IOUs (94.9%). Lights out. And now we can talk about corporate governance and electricity as well..."



Do Your Own Research. Are you prepared to push your luck further? Have you bought your house with your Crypto profits already as well? Do not forget to take your Virtual Crypto profits, your losses will be real. 

How can you still listen to the same High Priests of Crypto, who are sitting on their Crypto bags and talking their Bitcoin Holdings Books on the Bubble TV? How can you trust their translation of what is really happening in China: "It's all FUD"? 

They got you here next to your demolished Crypto sandcastles. They were supposed to be "Crypto Store of Value". They are made from the same centuries-old pyramids. All prophets are in the Bible and they do not have laser eyes that have blinded you. Time is to learn and study other ideas.

Invest in your own Google Translator and watch Chinese Dragon very carefully. This is a beautiful creature, but it will burn you alive once you decide to come close and kiss it.

"Who has invented this National Security Risk wrapped in a fake goldish foil which is growing exponentially and has been marketed as Gold 2.0 to the herd in the West? It remains to be answered in the future, but your money deserves your respect today. Understand first what kind of games you are playing and who is holding all the aces. The very old Game of Music Chairs will drive the very simple exit strategy for the Whales holding all the aces. Who will pull the plug first? You need to convert your paper gains into real capital gains before others will do it. Once the amount of money flowing in becomes smaller than the amount of money rushing out, this bubble will burst. The higher it goes now, the deeper will be the fall for those buying at the top of the bubble. But even without this dramatic and traumatic experience for so many good people, Gold has the major friend now and FED's driving force with unlimited money printing and Negative Real Rates."


My own translation of all signals coming from China is that this is a real move and, maybe, you still can hodl your Crypto in your wallet, but all Crypto including Bitcoin will be totally unplugged from the financial system. Death by thousand cuts is coming to Bitcoin and Crypto Bubbles. You are out of "The System" if you are connected to the Crypto business in any form or shape. 

As far as authorities will be concerned, you do not exist with all your Crypto daydreams, but all your illegal financial moves will be qualified under anti-money laundering, financing of terrorism and other applicable criminal laws. No banking accounts, no access to any payment systems. Everybody must report on you and all your illegal activities. Telephone hotlines are already in operation.

And, as we all know by now, you have to pay dollars even for "Bitcoin Pizza". If you would like to invest in Bitcoin and Crypto of the stone age during "Silk Road" when it was used only by drug lords and other criminals, be my guest, but Goldman Sachs jumped the shark this time ahead of their High Networth clients. 

"We are moving now fast-forward from the rhetorical question: "Will they ban Bitcoin?" to the rather dramatic one - "How will they ban Bitcoin?" For starters, if not a single money manager in the US or US publicly traded company can touch Bitcoin, all this "irrational exuberance" squared: "Who will buy it next?" - will be ended the same day. 


Today we have another sign that the FED and US Treasury are not buying it. If the last arguments left are laser eyes and that "other people" will be buying it - then you have to listen to Mike Green again very carefully."

There are "subtle differences" in cultures in the West and in the East and their languages. In the West, "recommendation not to do so" allows some drunk heads to try their luck spitting in the Police Officer face. In the East, it means "an order" and the meaning of "execution" of any such order brings chills to your spine if you translate it correctly.

Do your homework. Read, study and hedge your Crypto dreams before tears. Buckle up and stay safe.      

Gold In The USA, Alaskan Elephant Country: Kirill Klip GEM Royalty TNR Gold Presentation.

"My belief is TNR's Shotgun Gold Project can potentially grow and become a foremost, immediate satellite site Gold deposit to Donlin Gold's Mining Camp infrastructure. This vision is based on our exploration work and academic studies like the ones from Dr Tim Baker in which Shotgun Gold Project is not only listed alongside Donlin Creek as one of the "Major Porphyry Gold Deposits" but is also projected to contain the similar porphyry intrusion-related type system as Donlin."  

Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman, 
TNR Gold Corp.


Please read my legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

DeepFake Love And Crypto: Bitcoin "Striptease Club Economics".

My dear Friends, hopefully, you are reading my blog and Twitter feed not for the first time. Your Crypto Dreams must be Hedged with Gold or you were strong enough not to get on Bitcoin Crypto drugs. Take heart & stay strong, if we met only now. It's a war for you now. Stay cool, but start thinking.


Update. May 20, 2021.

We are losing the whole generation of Gamers who are playing with life as just another Video Game. They are ready for the Matrix Plug. Who needs wars? And they are well underway. We are studying the old manifestos and cutting each other throats ourselves.

Young are blessed with ignorance. They have never tasted the bitterest taste of loss. For them, it is all just another Video Game. But what are you doing? Don't you have enough? You are butchering the whole generation at the Bitcoin slaughterhouse.


I do apologise if I am breaking news to you and will be ruining your beautiful dream about a solid "Crypto Store of Value" built on the digitised centuries-old lies, scams and Ponzi Schemes that are put on the blockchain. Your sandcastles are made from the same old pyramids.


Now solid boys and girls from the Wall Street Bubble Machine are in charge of your Crypto dreams and they are blowing the hot air heated by billions of dollars burnt on fire in the Bubbles of the Crypto market.

At some point, you will notice that the same people from your Bubble TV who were so excited about all things Crypto and were dancing around the Bitcoin Pole will become "very concerned" for you.



"How could people be so reckless and invest in all those sandcastles like "Tether HQ"? Only then some Crypto Bears will be allowed on air.


And those who sold already will be concerned the most. You will recognise that charts on my feed were screaming about this coming Bear market for months by now. 


But it will be already so late for so many. Can we blame righteously all those boys and girls from Wall Street and Bubble TV leading your "Fight for Freedom Against The FED"?

Yes, but it will not help you. They are paid millions to promote all these Crypto and other Bubbles to you. News flash - this is their job they are hired to do. Why have you been looking for love in the Crypto "Striptease Clubs"? You were on this beach helping them to build these beautiful sandcastles with your own money.


You were playing this video Game in Bitcoin and Crypto, not for the sake and beauty of blockchain technology. Greed and lust will corrupt everything. And then the tide is coming back. Watch your Crypto sandcastles.

Death by thousand cuts is coming to Crypto and Bitcoin Bubbles. India, Turkey, China, FED, Treasury, IRS, Tether, Binance. Notice all coordinated announcements, warnings and "concerns". BOE, Norway, Canada. Bitcoin Crypto Mania became the major soft target in the West, it was exposed and under attack already

The collapse of this "Mother of All Bubbles" will reverberate through the world's economy. Do not forget to take your profits. Have you bought your house with it already as well? Time kills everything. Only a few things are timeless... and our own common stupidity as a species will be one of them, very unfortunately. 

May 19, 2021.

My dear friends, hopefully, you are reading my blog and Twitter feed not for the first time. Your Crypto Dreams must be Hedged with Gold or you were strong enough not to get on Bitcoin Crypto drugs. Take heart & stay strong, if we met only now. It's a war for you now. Stay cool, but start thinking.


We will be talking about the $2.5 Trillion "Crypto Economy" vanishing into the very thin air and the Bitcoin "Striptease Club Economics". Buckle up and stay safe. 

"I had a very bad dream last night. There was a news report about Tesla driving in the FSD mode with only one clown sitting in the back seat of the car and nobody was at the steering wheel driving Tesla. The streets were full of still happy people trading something on their smartphones after Tim Dillon has announced: "Masks Off, T*&s Out Season". 

Tesla was flying in self-accelerating ludicrous mode just seconds away from smashing into the young and cheerful crowd full of life with all their dreams about the future freedom, crypto and interplanetary life.


Then Tesla disappeared suddenly, vanishing into the thin air with many billions of dollars in the market cap... Only FUD, sweat and tears were left on the ground."

I've been there. I've done it. In 2000 & 2008. Have you? First, Stay Strong. Start DYOR. Should you listen to the same Crypto High Priests who get you here? Check the Bible. Protect Capital. Better lose opportunity than Capital. Move.

By now you should realise the amount of money spent on marketing these Crypto drugs to you. Only you can decide to be rich or poor. Nobody gets bankrupt by taking profits. You decide. It tastes so sweet, but will this sugar kill you? 

I know that you are confused. It's OK. They were talking about love but invited you to the "striptease club" party. Check the music and who is dancing, does it involve throwing some money? Then get out, take fresh air. 

Today is the war for you. We need everyone who can think. One starfish at a time. Back into the sea. Make a difference for that one. Prophets are in the Bible. They don't have laser eyes. They don't preach love in the "striptease clubs".

They plugged you into Crypto VR after they have been poisoning you with Video Games for years. Life is REAL. Don't forget to take your profits. Your losses will be real. You have to work hard, not just buy & HODL. Start DYOR. Otherwise - PLUG and Matrix.

They were talking about love & "Fighting the FED". But why the "Board Room" is in the "striptease club"? Who is dancing? Who is selling tickets? Fresh air. Think. Study. You can always come back there if you have money to buy tickets again.

It was all about "The Honest Money" & "Fighting the Banks with their FED". Why the suits are selling it to you now? Who hooked you on that Crypto? Detox, breathe, think. You can always come back if you have money left to buy it.

Building The Next Real Gold: TNR Gold Stay Committed To Gold While Holding Royalties In Copper, Silver And Lithium, Ready For The "Green rEVolution".

Everybody's chasing Crypto, we stick to Gold. And we accept dollars as well. They are fine - we are working to turn them into Gold for our investors. We are building TNR Gold Corp. - The Next Real Gold."
Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman,
TNR Gold Corp.

Please read my legal disclaimer. There is NO investment advice on any Kirill Klip feeds and blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. 
Do Your Own Research.