Sunday 8 May 2016

Race For Renewable Energy Technologies Charges Lithium Market. Chinese Lithium Leader Secures Supply Sources.

BNN: ILC team at Mariana Lithium Project site in Argentina placing access for North-side seismic testing this March

International Lithium: New Discoveries With Ganfeng Lithium In Ireland and Argentina.

"We are very pleased to celebrate our 5th IPO anniversary with our strategic partner $4.5 Billion giant from China Ganfeng Lithium. These new discoveries at Mariana Lithium Brine J/V project in Argentina and at Avalonia Lithium Hard Rock J/V project in Ireland show International Lithium's very deep technical Team at its best, delivering the results  based on the advanced exploration technologies developed by ILC both for lithium brine and lithium hard rock projects. On behalf of all shareholders, I would like to thank all ILC Team and particularly Gary Schellenberg, Anthony Kovacs, John Harrop, Bruno Kasper and Mike Sieb for these outstanding exploration results bringing Mariana and Avalonia projects to the new level of development."

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Lithium Race Moves Into Ludicrous Mode: Elon Musk - Tesla Will Build 1 Million Electric Cars A Year By 2020.


  "Now we can talk about mass market for electric cars for real! Despite all naysayers and enormous challengers Elon Musk accelerates our lithium race into ludicrous mode. Not only Tesla Model 3 will get this "Ludicrous Mode" option as well, but Tesla production estimates are now moved into that area. Elon Musk is talking about reaching 500,000 electric cars a year two years earlier now in 2018 and mind-boggling production rate increase for Tesla to 1,000,000 electric cars a year in 2020! Read more."


Race for renewable energy technologies charges lithium market

Peter Cole, Special to from Market One Media

"Global adoption of new transportation technologies and electronics are powering massive growth in lithium-ion battery sales. Google has recently announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler to develop a self-driving hybrid minivan. Uber, Apple, BMW, Audi, Ford and Mercedes-Benz are also moving aggressively into the space. Tesla’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk anticipates that self-driving Teslas will be approved and in production by 2021.
With commercial production of self-driving cars and other new technologies, Navigate Research predicts the global market for lithium ion batteries will grow an unprecedented 300%—from $6 billion per year to $24 billion per year in the next seven years.

With these bullish fundamentals, competition is heating up in the lithium space. One of the leaders is Ganfeng Lithium—a $4.5 billion Chinese goliath that produces industrial grade lithium for various industries and end products like Panasonic batteries. Ganfeng has built specialized Lithium production subsidiaries and commissioned a new facility in China adding 500mt/y Li metal to its current 1000mt/y Li production capacity. The company holds over 19 lithium extraction patents.

Ganfeng exports and produces over 20 unique lithium products. In addition, it has developed an innovative patented technology that significantly shortens the standard production process. To support their expanding global operations, Ganfeng has taken steps to secure its future supply by investing heavily in a Canadian company called International Lithium Corp (TSX.V: ILC).

With this partnership, ILC is now integrated into an existing global supply chain. Ganfeng already has the expertise to process raw lithium. ILC's geologists are identifying and developing properties to meet that specific demand. The close relationship with Ganfeng means that ILC is not vulnerable to the technical or logistical challenges that have struck lithium majors in Argentina and around the world.

"Ganfeng has a strong commitment to supply Lithium product to various industries worldwide,” stated Ganfeng’s Director, Wang Xiaoshen, “so we clearly have a vested interest in these projects and have been very hands-on in the evaluation of ILC’s properties. Our company is the only one in the world that has commercial production capacities to extract Lithium from both brine and spodumene, and we continually implement cutting-edge technologies to our processes. I feel confident that this is a fit for our operations and the potential these projects hold."

Ganfeng owns 17.5% of International Lithium. It has an 80% stake in the Mariana brine project in Argentina, while ILC has the option to buy back 10% in the project, and up to 30% ownership. Ganfeng also has a 55% stake in ILC’s Avalonia Lithium mineral project in Ireland.

ILC’s primary focus is the Mariana lithium-potash brine project in the South American ‘Lithium Belt’, host to the majority of global lithium resources, reserves and production. The 160 square kilometre Mariana project encompasses a world class mineral rich evaporate basin.

“Our objective is to become a leading global developer of Lithium projects,” stated Gary Schellenberg, CEO of ILC, in an exclusive interview. “Our projects in Argentina and Ireland have attracted investment from big players, which has set the stage for our new Upper Canada project partnership with Pioneer Resources Limited of Australia.” ILC’s Mavis, Forgan and Raleigh projects in the Upper Canada Lithium Pool have fulfilled the company’s objective to acquire a multinational project portfolio, thereby decreasing geo-political risk for shareholders.

On April 4, 2016, ILC and Ganfeng began a 1,750 metre diamond drill hole program at the Avalonia Lithium Project in Ireland. The program consists of approximately 25 drill holes focusing on expanding the near surface Aclare lithium bearing pegmatite along strike and to depth.

The Avalonia joint venture could be of strategic importance to the European Union should a sufficient resource be identified. The European Economic Community is promoting clean fuel technologies. Lithium supply is expected to play a major role in renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power.

ILC’s Mavis and Raleigh projects in the Upper Canada Lithium Pool have fulfilled the company’s objective to acquire a multinational project portfolio, thereby decreasing geo-political risk for shareholders.

The Mavis Lake lithium tantalum project in Ontario is of strategic importance for ILC. Mavis Lake is located in the proximity of the Great Lakes region, on the door step to the car manufacturing industry in Detroit. The experience ILC has gained with Ganfeng working on the Avalonia JV project in Ireland is now being applied to the exploration program in Canada.

Lithium prices have tripled in the last 12 months. Availability of secure lithium supply is critical for the auto industry. 

“Our vision is to establish multiple deposits located in the same area with a central processing plant,” states ILC President Kirill Klip in an exclusive interview. “It will allow us to minimise the CAPEX and reduce operating expenses.”

“The future is electric,” confirms Klip. “The Tesla Model 3 booked 325,000 reservations in one week. ILC intends to seize this opportunity to advance the Upper Canada lithium project to meet the rising demand from electric cars and communication devices.”

By positioning itself with strong development partners and acquiring high quality lithium projects around the world, ILC aims to build shareholder value by feeding the surging global demand for lithium."

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