Sunday 29 May 2016

Lithium Race With Tesla Model 3: Watershed Moment In The History Of Electric Cars With Canadian Spin.

 Tesla Model 3 is the real watershed moment for the history in the making of electric cars. This video podcast dissects all available news about Tesla Model 3 and the history of its making by Tesla Motors. Elon Musk and Tesla drives really religious following among its customers and became the trully "Inspirational Brand". When Tesla Model 3 buyers start to promote the idea of EVs you know that it is for real this time. Electric cars are here and mass market for EVs is coming now. 
   I have placed a few links below connecting the latest development in Lithium Technology with Tesla Gigafactory and Lithium supply. China is rising and will become the largest EVs market already this year. This will bring a lot of surprises to the auto-makers and general public. We will have very far reaching consequences after the latest breakthrough developments in lithium technology being applied to the largest auto-market in the world. The security of lithium supply becomes one of such geopolitical issues to be addressed by all major players.
  International Lithium continues to build vertically integrated lithium business with $4.5 Billion MC giant from China Ganfeng Lithium and now we have 3 Lithium projects in our Upper Canada Pool to secure lithium supply for the West and North American market.

Cheap Lithium Batteries Change Everything: EVs Sales Rising Exponentially And Solar Energy Storage Next.


  InsideEVs brings to our attention the major driving force behind the exponential growth of sales for EVs from the very low base.  Cheap lithium batteries change everything. Tony Seba is the best to explain why all cars will be electric by 2030.Elon Musk with Tesla Motors is doing this trick and now Tesla Model 3 will ignite the real transition to the best cars which just happen to be electric. 
  Oil and Auto industry are poisoned by their own toxic cancer hazard emissions from diesel and gas powered ICE engines and still in denial at their own peril about the dramatic shift in technology  announced by Elon Musk last month. Now even truly rEVolutionary estimations for the cost of lithium batteries by Tony Seba are not relevant any more. 
  Elon Musk has announced that Tesla can already produce lithium battery with all-in cost of $190 per kWh. Mass production of batteries at Gigafactory will bring cost even lower, next stage will be Lithium Solid State with prices at $100 per kWh and Tesla Model S and X with over 500 miles range. I believe that Elon Musk is already working on LSS at Gigafactory. Dyson has joined the lithium race as well and bought out Lithium Solid State pioneer Sakti3 with promise to invest $1 Billion to commercialise this technology. Lithium Air is still years away from the field applications, but this lithium technology promises to bring us batteries with cost below $100 per kWh and electric cars with 1,000 miles range. Solar Energy Home and Utility Storage Systems will benefit next from this dramatic decrease in technology cost and will become even larger market for lithium based batteries. We are talking here about disruption of $4 Trillion Transportation and $8 Trillion Energy Industries. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution.
  International Lithium continues to build vertically integrated lithium business with $4.5 Billion MC giant from China Ganfeng Lithium and now we have 3 Lithium projects in our Upper Canada Pool to secure lithium supply for the West and North American market. Read more."

International Lithium At Wentworth 2016 Presentation.

Lithium Race Moves Into Ludicrous Mode: Elon Musk - Tesla Will Build 1 Million Electric Cars A Year By 2020.


  Now we can talk about mass market for electric cars for real! Despite all naysayers and enormous challengers Elon Musk accelerates our lithium race into ludicrous mode. Not only Tesla Model 3 will get this "Ludicrous Mode" option as well, but Tesla production estimates are now moved into that area. Elon Musk is talking about reaching 500,000 electric cars a year two years earlier now in 2018 and mind-boggling production rate increase for Tesla to 1,000,000 electric cars a year in 2020! 
  In order to comprehend the magnitude of this very complex manufacturing operation you have to check the production rate this year: in 2016 Tesla is aiming to deliver ... 80,000 to 90,000 EVs. Financial pundits are rushing to explain already how it cannot be done on time and that Tesla will need capital and short sellers are announcing their positions. Elon Musk response is a sleeping bag next to production line to check the quality of Tesla model X on-line. Life will never be easy for those who are making things to happen. Pundits will be pundits - they will continue to talk, Elon Musk will be Elon Musk - billionaire with the sustainable vision for this world to move forward and he will continue to make unbelievable and disrupt $12 Trillion Industry of Energy and Transportation. 
  And now he is not alone, in order to move really fast we need millions of electric cars being produced by 2020. Who will make them? Will Apple try at least to buy Tesla and put Elon Musk in charge of Energy rEVolution as its CEO? In combination with Foxconn's lithium batteries Megafactory, $800 million EV production plant being built in China and manufacturing base to produce millions of iPhones and iPads it could be a short cut to EV domination. Can BYD with warren Buffett on board strike a strategic alliance with Tesla? BYD is building a few lithium batteries Megafactories in China and Brazil. It is now the largest EV producer in China. Can Germans finally to wake up, that they do not have any real electric cars to show and do something with Elon Musk? 
  We can be sure only of two things here and now. First is that Elon Musk is "super smart" and he can see what we are talking about much better, his answer will surprise again and exceed all our expectations. And second, please take the latest Lithium Demand projections from everybody and throw them out in the window. We are moving from talking to walking - electric cars are still below 1% of auto sales world wide. 
  Now you can check the lithium price chart. It is not the matter of price any more - availability of lithium supply is crucial now. It is important that it will be enough. When everybody and their grandma will be moving into Coca Cola business, sugar becomes priceless. Lithium is the magic metal at the heart of this rEVolution and will power our sweet dreams. It is all easy in the end: just take the best people in the industry, 7 years of sweat and tears and you can see some recognition in the market. Next wave in our Lithium development industry will be the separation of the dreams and the real people with the dreams making real solid projects to work. Please remember, a lot of people will be talking, others were already long time walking. The development of lithium brine operations takes minimum 5 years and hard rock lithium mining makes people happy with 7-8 years full cycle from the discovery. International Lithium is moving its projects on 3 continents now with the best partners in the industry and Elon Musk helps us with his advice: Read more"

"This is our goal and we will be working hard to achieve it." Tesla Motors.

Lithium Race In The World's Largest Auto Market: Top Ten Electric Cars Showcased At 2016 Beijing Auto Show.

  What will happen if you take the largest auto market in the world and the latest lithium technology? China will have the solution how to leapfrog the ICE age technology of burning oil and straight into the post carbon economy with Electric Cars and Solar. The side effects will include Lithium price rising from $6,000 per LCE T to over $20,000 from the last summer. People are asking me: what will happen if Lithium price comes back down - and I am replying: what will happen if it is not? What will be the demand for Lithium? Nobody knows, expectations are that it will rise at least 100% in the next 5 years based on the coming lithium batteries Gigafactory and Megafactories, which are being built already. What will happen to demand for Lithium if all cars will be electric by 2030? What will be the price for Lithium in this case? 
  For me the question is that we have ENOUGH Lithium and in at the right time to make millions of electric cars very fast for all of us. Our Team at International Lithium continues its 7 years strong performance of acquiring the best lithium projects and developing them with the best strategic partners. Only now Mr Market is giving us some respect for the years of the very hard work. What will be the right price? Nobody knows. Do you remember the world just before the INTERNET? Now we are there again. The world is just before the INTERNET in Energy rEVolution. $12 Trillion dollars industries of Transportation and Energy are being disrupted, just find your own Apple, Google and Facebook in this market Mega Trend. 
  We will celebrate our international Lithium IPO 5th anniversary this month with three projects being drilled on the three continents. Giant from China, which has risen now to $3.9 Billon market cap -  Ganfeng Lithium is financing our J/Vs at Mariana brine lithium in Argentina and Avalonia hard rock lithium in Ireland. Pioneer Resources from Australia is on the fast track of exploration now on Mavis lithium and tantalum project in Canada. The future is electric, now we can Bottle The Electricity and use it when we want. The Sun is always there to make more of it and Elon Musk is showing us all the way. China is shining bright with all its might dedicated to dominate this space of the Next Energy rEVolution based on Solar and Electric Cars. Do you know that 28 companies are already making 51 models of electric cars in China?They are not Teslas yet, but are getting there and you can see the best of them in Beijing now. Read more."

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