Wednesday 21 March 2018

Tesla Energy rEVolution Chronicles: Lithium Wars And Hostile M&A - Hunting Season Is On.

My dear social media Friends and followers! 

"What is darkness? It is nothing - it is just the lack of Light.  
The Light. Energy. Nothing Else Matters." 

Lithium Wars have arrived. Have I ever thought that I will be really in the middle of one? Yes, I did, but still, it is always shocking and sobering - the sheer brutality of it. The "ripped apart flesh and blood on the legal battlefield". Some people are just getting drunk of that power - to be able to give orders to destroy. We all know how it ends - on trial. They are making "lethal legal mistakes". "Corporate Raiders" are ready to destroy everything in order to get you into "submission", in order to "press you to agree to "what looks like unlawful" terms". They are trying to silence you and "looks like blackmailing you by threatening" to destroy your reputation, your legacy (all my Twitter accounts are gone already), your livelihood in order just to get what they want.

But first of all, I must apologize to you all - for years I was calling all my 4600 followers on Twitter and 8500 on LinkedIn as "my overextended family overexaggerated by social media". What I meant here was that it is all not real - just try to get ten best friends during all your life! I thought that nobody was really caring about me or anybody else for that matter. 

I was really thinking that "everybody just lives their lives collecting likes and followers". I was wrong. I do apologize. I am proud of you, Lithium Universe.

You all know where your planets are. Thank you for all your support. 

Every revolution claims its heroes.

I am not a "hero" by any stretch of the Lithium-induced imagination so I will just keep going one step at a time. Energy rEVolution continues, Lithium M&A Hunting Season is on and now let's see who will be hunted down. "50 cents trades" and attack on the Lithium Companies will open up the cards - we have discussed it. 

Twitter could not pass the test of the Censorship again this time. As I was blocked years ago when DIEselGate has started so both my private accounts @KirillKlip and @CFTEnergy were blocked one by one this time. Dear Twitter, how @KirillKlip can impersonate #KirillKlip? It is me with my passport. I expected more from you after so many years together. My Legal Team is dealing with it as well.

I do hope that Google, LinkedIn and Facebook will keep up high the standard of the real Democracy and my blog will still be here. It is my private diary - Chronicles of The Tesla Energy rEVolution. Please spread the message. Books were burnt before the putsch, dark forces can operate only in the darkness. But what is darkness - it is only lack of light. Let's bring the Lithium SpotLight. 

I have emigrated from Russia 16 years ago not to be "intimidated into submission in the West". "What looks like actions which could be potentially qualified as" "Blackmail" do not work here in the BS (Banking Slang) free zone. Some people already tried at The Golf Club, in the UK. All Golf Club members were fired by the new owners - now we are all Founding Members of that Club.

I was made in the USSR, the model year 1969. Proud. I have emigrated from Russia to join Energy rEVolution. To make it happen. This BS will not stop me. Closing all my Twitter accounts will not stop me.

I have to be short today - my legal team is waiting to make the important decisions.

I have sent a very clear message that those who claim to be now in office are legally responsible for all potential damages. All Directors and Officers are better to take a very good legal advice. All Company assets must be protected and going concern must be ensured as per all legal fiduciary duties of trust and care. All Directors and Officers must act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interest of the Company. They must exercise care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent individual would exercise in comparable circumstances.

You know my bold statements related to the Energy rEVolution, The End of The ICE Age and OIL Dominance. You know my demands to Ban DIEsel. My focus was always to build Secure Lithium Supply for the West.

Lithium Race Chronicles: Back Into The Future - "Those Who Forget The Past Will Never Remember The Future."

We can have very good partners, but we cannot rely upon that totally different social system will be always there for us to supply the critical material for the West. When last time have you read Karl Marx manifesto? Trade Wars have been started already.

Some countries are becoming extremely powerful, they are acting with the clear focus, brutal determination and military discipline to get what they are up to. 

They consider that West is weak with all that "Democracy". But it is not true. We can be strong here as well. The only one real thing left for which all your Fathers have fought for centuries is Democracy. Good or Bad - nobody has invented a better one so far. 

I was able to speak up my mind here, in the UK. I will continue to do so in order to defend myself and prevent any potential damages to the Company and protect our shareholders. 

I will thank you ALL in advance to bring this clear message across despite Censorship. Spread The Light.

We have protected British Heritage at The Golf Culb in the UK, we will protect Canadian Public Company in Canada. The rule of law will prevail.

I will be back and I have not gone anywhere. 

Please Do Not Distort The Universe.

Nothing Else Matters.


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.
Truly yours,

Kirill Klip

International Lithium 

Executive Chairman
TNR Gold

Tesla Energy rEVolution
Powered by Lithium.

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