Wednesday 20 March 2019

Tesla Model S Was An Earthquake For The Auto Industry, Model 3 Became The Tsunami, Tesla Model Y Will Destroy The ICE Age Completely.

Please make no mistake about the significance of what is happening right now and what Elon Musk has done for all of us with Tesla. Watch the history of Energy rEVolution unveiled. Tesla Model S was an earthquake for the auto industry, Model 3 became the Tsunami, Tesla  Model Y will destroy completely the brave idea that cars should be powered by controlled explosions under the hood with the enormous waste of energy and dire consequences not only for the happy riders but for the whole our planet as well.

A lot of people are asking me why I am talking here about The World Just Before The Internet? We are talking here about the disruption of $12 Trillion industries of transportation and energy. We are just in the dial-up stage of this Energy rEVolution, but we are not going back and electric cars are here to stay.

Do you remember the time before the Internet? Electrification of our energy and transportation will bring even more dramatic tectonic shift to all our society. Internet decentralised Information, Tesla rEVolution is decentralising Energy, next will be decentralisation of Capital with Blockchain Technology and Crypto Universe.

Investors should look carefully at the exponential growth of sales of electric cars. Tesla rEVolution will be The Switch when literally millions of people will be switching to electric cars. The whole industries will be wiped out. Trillions of dollars in stranded assets will be the monument to the ICE Age. All fleet of cars will be electric. Do not stay behind, every revolution claims its victims, check out your portfolios, Lady and Gentlemen.

We live in The ICE Age when unthinkable just yesterday became The New Norm when dirty politicians are still pushing "Clean Coal" and "Clean DIEsel". This is what Elon Musk has done for all of us - now we have the choice, we can vote with our wallets - we can buy electric cars which are the best cars in class and price range which just happen to be electric. Thank you, Elon Musk!

Talking about our aspirations, we are back on the ATP circuit with our TNR Gold Team and building The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company. On the links on this blog, you can find more information about Tesla Energy rEvolution, the geopolitical shift of the Energy Security and why the security of supply for Lithium and Copper became the critical issue for the disruption of $12 Trillion industries of energy and transportation.  

Our GEM Royalty launch at PDAC 2019 this year has brought us new investors and partners and I would like to welcome them all today. Join the rEVolution - we are all in the same boat and are flying very fast on our planet Earth through time and space. Make that time matter. Thank you TNR Gold Team! Stay strong.

Tesla rEVolution, China's New Energy Plan And The Most Important Charts For All Electric Cars.

Tom Randall brilliantly paints a picture of the "Tesla's Life After Hell" and Elon Musk's struggles with the demons and, this is not a secret, some of them he has summoned himself. But I definitely would like to point out that in my very own personal opinion "mass media" is not helping us all to make the life-saving transition from the ICE Age fueled by dirty Oil. And it only proves the very unfortunate fact that journalism is dying out as a Class, meaning the Style, Dignity and ability to handle the truth. But maybe it is too much to ask these days from anybody? "Mass media" is not educating, debating and reporting facts anymore, but rather salivating on hatred and reflecting the masses with a very low bar click-baiting skills. Tom Randall is standing out from all that "bought by the dozens at discounted pre-paid price" filthy crowd and you should enjoy his articles and charts on the links below.

Apart from defending Elon Musk who has changed the world already and now is making Electric Cars affordable for all of us, I would like to discuss a few more charts painting the picture for the future battles after these brave Trade Wars will be gone from the headlines, unfortunately, with a few trillions of dollars in market capitalisation worldwide which will be lost forever. The chart above is the most important one for all makers of electric cars. Tesla has demonstrated that Lithium Battery prices can drop faster than projected before. We have discussed the importance of it already. Elon Musk was talking last year that lithium cells will become cheaper than $100 per KWh by this year and price for lithium battery packs will follow by 2020. It can happen to be "Elon's Time", but this progress should not be underestimated. We are getting closer to my 20 /200 formula for the EVs mass market when $20k buys you BMW 2 style electric car with 200 miles range.

The following few charts will continue our discussion about the fact that Security of Lithium Supply is everything for Tesla rEVolution. After breaking ground in Shanghai for Tesla Gigafactory 3 yesterday these sobering facts are more than timely in order not to lose the Big Picture. Elon Musk and Tesla will face the military machine "Made in China" competing for the supply chains in the Post Carbon Economy. Smart money controls bottlenecks. We are talking about Energy Security here, Life After Oil and Electrification. Disruption of $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation depends on $3B Lithium market.

China has implemented many years ago New Energy Plan with the state-level approach and military discipline in execution. Today we can see the results. China controls the supply of lithium chemicals, very fast becomes the dominant force in Lithium Batteries and its "1000" automakers are striving to build electric cars almost all at once. Coming Tesla Gigafactory can provide the lacking best technology for the total domination of EV space. China is making another "leap forward" straight into the Post Carbon Economy with Solar, Wind and Electric Cars.

China's leadership in this transition is very positive for all humankind as it will not allow fighting Tesla and citizens' right for the clean air with the brave ideas about "Clean Coal" and "Clean DIEsel" anymore. But recent Trade Wars and following market's panic attacks which brought us very fast to the near recession sobering thoughts are raising the very important questions. What will happen if China will use its "soft power" and control of the supply chains in the Tesla Energy rEVolution? Will China build a green energy future for us? Lithium industry is already learning Mandarin and praying for deals with China. Now we can all start praying for mercy.

In all this upbeat conversation about economic development, long-term goals and strategic planning we can not waste our time waiting for the leadership from our wise tribal leaders who are fighting for us on the Bubble TV. We continue to work in order to find our own way how to cross the digital divide and finance Tesla rEVolution. We are facing Oligopoly controlling lithium supply and can be facing Monopoly after more brave Trade Wars.

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