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Lithium Race: 10 Electric SUVs And Large Hybrid Cars To Buy in 2018 Including "A Budget Version" Of Tesla Model X From China.

We had one and only mass-produced electric SUV in 2017 - Tesla Model X, to celebrate Energy rEVolution in style. This year will bring us the whole range of electric SUVs: NIO ES8, Jaguar I-Pace, KIA Nitro, Volvo XC-60, Range Rover P400e, Tesla ModelX, MINI Cooper SE, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mercedes Benz GLC350e, Audi e-Tron. 

Xiaopeng's Xpeng Beta will be a very interesting electric car. Xpeng is an all-electric SUV created by a Chinese startup company, Xiopeng Motors by using Elon Musk's open patents at Tesla. This electric SUV has a 186 miles range and advertised to be a budget version of Tesla Model X with a price tag of $30,000.

We are entering the era of the mass market for electric cars. Bloomberg estimates that 200 new models of electric cars are coming by 2020. Now we can start seriously discussing the supply and demand picture for lithium.

Chronicles of Energy rEVolution: Roskill Triples Its Base Case For Lithium Demand To Soar From 200,000 T To 1 Million T Of LCE By 2026.

Our industry is waking up to the ongoing Energy rEVolution and start producing more realistic scenarios for unprecedented demand for lithium which is coming in the next decade. As you remember, any lithium production start-up needs not only capital but time: 3-5 years for brine and even longer for hard rock mining operationsLithium - The Perfect Storm With Unprecedented Demand Profile is just upon us. Roskill triples its base case for lithium demand to soar to 1,009,000 T of LCE per year by 2026. And here a reminder about the starting point will be timely: 200,000 T of lithium LCE was produced in 2016. (Please note that colour on the graph with a key "Glass and Ceramics" must be attributed to "Batteries")

Our Lithium inverted pyramid for disruption of $12 T Transportation and Energy Industries is in action and prices in China are already going through the roof. Now brave forecast by Mike Beck that Lithium Hydroxide prices can soar as much as $100,000 per T can be at least mentioned on my blog. And my totally outrages forecast just a few months ago that we have to produce 36 Million T of lithium LCE by 2040 looks very conservative. Should I dust off my own brave prediction that we will need to produce 100 Million T of lithium LCE by 2050 now?

International Lithium is now moving full speed ahead with our JV partner Ganfeng Lithium after the reached settlement agreement that confirmed our 27% plus stake in Mariana Lithium JV in Argentina (including 10% back-in right). Ganfeng Lithium is the largest integrated lithium material producer in China and Mariana Lithium JV is shaping up as the very important lithium brine system in the world.My friends from VSA Capital in London are calling it number 6 in the world and I was always conservative with my "among the top 10 in the world"

"Results from the Study indicate that the selective recovery of lithium directly from raw (filtered) brine, with the simultaneous rejection of other cation and anion species, using a proprietary lithium selective separation process (the “technology”) is possible.  Lithium was selectively recovered from the raw brine to produce lithium hydroxide (“LiOH”), a high value ingredient used directly in lithium battery manufacturing, as a final product."

"This aquifer system has a very high transmissivity, high hydraulic conductivity and a significant storativity. 
“The ongoing confirmation that the aquifers at Salar de Llullaillaco can sustain extending pumping are complementary to our goals of achieving a positive production decision through upcoming Preliminary Economic Assessment and Feasibility Studies,” commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of ILC, “These tests pave the way for us to determine the best technology and economic scenario to advance our Mariana Lithium joint venture project.”
In my recent videos, I was trying my best to translate into Canadian and explain what it all really means. But now even Mr Market is finally helping me - we are finishing this year on a very strong note with International Lithium share price. Below you can find more on the call from UBS on Lithium Demand To Jump 2,898% and our Company news. I would like to use this opportunity and extend our warmest Holiday wishes from all our Team at ILC and TNR Gold and wish you Happy New Year 2018!


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Chronicles Of Energy rEVolution: Kirill Klip On The 2,898% Jump In Global Demand For Lithium.

"I would like to start today with one, but the very important number – 2,898%. This is the jump in demand for lithium, which UBS estimates will happen in 100% EV world – 2,898%. Electric cars are coming at a much faster pace than a lot of people are anticipating it. For years I have been writing my blog about this electric future, now it is here. Iconic London cab is going electric.

This is a statement and s sign of our times. It is very symbolic. I am meeting investment bankers in London and they are driving electric cars. Investors are driving Teslas and Electric Black Cabs - there is nothing to prove anymore. Electric cars are here and all cars will be electric. Read more."


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.

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