Monday 19 December 2016

The Sun Can Be Rising Again Tomorrow - Elon Musk Meets With Trump, Joins Advisory Forum.

Dear boys and girls, there is some hope that the Sun will be rising tomorrow again. As you know, after predicting in March that Donald Trump will take the Oval Office l'Abordage, I had some other brave thoughts including bit not limited to the very bright observation that Solar and Electric Cars are just great business and too good opportunity to miss. Unless of cause, "Operation Donald" has really hacked seriously some brains and now China will be made Great Again instead of America by President-Elect.

China is totally fine on its own, thank you very little, and so far I have missed broadcasting from the Trump Tower convincing me otherwise. As you know, The Economist have joined me in my view on things to come if the reintroduction of slavery on industrial scale powered by "clean coal" is not on the agenda and part of the strategy to make America Great Again.  But you never know these days whether Earth is really orbiting the Sun or we will have another solid candidate for the Highest Office in the Land in 2024. So signs become now as vital as they were just before the Jesus Christ (Merry Christmas everybody, who celebrates! I treat a healthy dose of Culture left as a good start of everything)

I consider that we have a very good sign now that Donal Trump will go on his road making America Great Again starting with Common Sense, State Business In Mind Approach and will run The Great Corporation of USA with a proper Corporate Governance.  Draining the swamps is the very essential part of any building project in the places like Washington DC. Now there is the Leader, Board of Directors with very strong characters, but Advisory Board is coming strong as well. We have a hope, dear boys and girls, that we can be OK again - Elon Musk joins Donald Trump's Advisory Forum. And then there is always China left wich is becoming Great very fast now in so many senses. 

Energy rEVolution: The World Just Before The INTERNET - Lithium’s Boom Year: 2016 In Review.

  "In the summer of 2015, all Lithium Market measured in LCE was worth only $1 billion dollars in sales. Then by February with some prices tripling in China the Lithium Market became blipping on the radars in the City and on The Wall Street - traders get notice of something NEW with a "growth from $1 Billion to $4 Billon overnight." Serious money is coming now in the Next Big Thing. Put together the largest auto market in the world, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett and BYD; spice it all with cancer hazard ICE emissions and Volkswagen DIEselGate revelations - and you have The Switch in the making." Read more.

   And The Switch ... The Switch is the coming tide when literally millions of people will be switching very fast (as fast as all those millions of EVs can be made) to the electric cars. GM Bolt will give us the first taste of what is coming. The first two electric cars priced below $40k and with a range of over 200 Miles will change everything. Tesla Model 3 will start the real flood of affordable electric cars which are just better than anything else at the same price from the ICE age. Despite all headlines about Electric Cars on my blog, 99% of all new cars are still powered by the last century technology of controlled explosions and by burning oil in different compositions while killing us all and our planet at the same time. Do you remember the 90s - The Wolrd Before The WWW and Information Revolution? Now we have 21st Century and Energy Revolution: The World Just Before The INTERNET. Read more.

‘China’ the Centre of the Lithium Universe.

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‘China’ the Centre of the Lithium Universe

Kirill Klip

President of International Lithium Corp.

"The recent Volkswagen scandal has once again shed light on polluting vehicles and the health hazard they pose to the public and environment. In hopes of ending this tainted legacy, governments have begun implementing regulations to phase out emission causing vehicles. Respectively, all major automakers have followed suit and pledged to build dozens of electric vehicles in years to come. Read more."

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