Thursday 10 November 2016

Energy rEVolution: Lithium Ion Batteries Account for 83 Percent of Newly Announced Energy Storage System Capacity.


  We have another confirmation that lithium technology is disrupting the energy and utility business and became the  technology of choice for the Energy Storage industry. According to Navigant Research, nearly 2 GW of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have been announced in 2016 so far. Lithium batteries remain the leading energy storage technology for new projects worldwide (excluding pumped hydro storage), accounting for 83% of newly announced ESS capacity through 3Q 2016.
  Now we can put my previous post about China Energy Storage development in the context of this new research. For everybody concerned with Donald Trump bringing us back into The ICE Age, I do not worry about it. Nothing will be easy but his own success as The Disruptor in Chief of the establishment will prevent him from going backward. He is a businessman after all. We are moving into the age of common sense as I see it. You cannot get there with The Steam Engine. Even if China will become not only the Center of Lithium Universe but the driving force for climate change actions in general with its New Energy Plan, I do expect the U.S. to benefit from a pro-business approach. 
  We will have maybe more insults, but less nonsense hopefully. This Energy rEVolution tide is unstoppable now. EVs and Solar are here to stay and "The learning Curve" has brought us to the stage when electric cars are just better and becoming cheaper than the ICE ones. Solar power generation is beating records every month becoming cheaper and cheaper as well. EVs and Solar are becoming economically better for business. Better and more efficient business means growth and only growth can make America great again. Below you can find my thoughts confirming these conclusions.

International Lithium and Ganfeng: Major Catalyst For Electric rEVolution And Security Of Lithium Supply.

  We have discussed before the fast changing geopolitical landscape in the world and why New Energy Plan in China can change the balance in our world's economic system just in a few very short years. For more than 100 years oil was our only major source of energy powering the economic growth. Oil means power and power means oil - this sentence can determine the politics of all 20th century. But not anymore. We are just at the tipping point of the major tectonic shift from the centralized energy systems to the distributed electricity  generation and its consumption when we want it. Electricity is the most efficient form of energy known to us. Now, thanks to "The Learning Curve", we can produce it very cheap with solar and wind and we can store it very efficiently using lithium batteries. Cheap lithium batteries change everything here. We are in the catalyst stage of moving from 2 to 7000. 2 is the number of batteries in your farther's first remote control, 7000 is the number of lithium batteries in Tesla Model S. 
  Tesla is making the headlines demonstrating the potential of lithium technology. Elon Musk has proved that electric cars are just better. Here comes the China's New Energy Plan in the picture as the major driving force for The Switch with its state-level military style planning and execution - you can find more details about it in my previous posts. 
  Two major Chinese companies Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi are part of this state-level plan to build the Electric rEvolution from top to bottom, including the secure supply chain for the critical metal Lithium which is at the very heart of this technology. This year they have broken "The Old Lithium Big 3" and now we have "The New Lithium Top 5". Albemarle is in the first place and SQM is holding now to the second. Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi have pushed FMC into the 5th place and are chasing each other between 3rd and 4th. Ganfeng Lithium is a $4.5 Billion MC company and strategic partner of International Lithium. We were very fortunate after two years of due diligence to strike the major deal with Ganfeng for International Lithium in 2011. This business demands a long term planning and stamina just to stay with the game. This year, after 7 years of building our business, we are celebrating with Ganfeng the 5th anniversary International Lithium's IPO. Read more.

Donald Trump, Energy rEVolution and Inverted Pyramid.

8 March 2016.

  Panic is in the air. The Establishment is challenged by one of them, who knows all the Rules. Donald Trump: the first presidential candidate without Corporate Prepaid Access Card - is running wild and straight into the Oval Office. He will be elected on just one slogan "Let's stop all this BS (Banking Slang) - I did it myself". He has answers for everything, he is not asking for money anyone and he can act fast. And do not hold your nose, please; it is your country, what is left out of it after air pollution and GMO attack. He talks the language the fed up with BS people can understand. They want the real change. 
  The Establishment is in a total shock. One of them had blown the last pieces of the built by Brothers for thousand of years Pyramid and now it is turned over on its head. It is still on the U.S. Dollar bill, but Chinese trust Gold more now. Welcome to the end of the beginning. We are finishing Information Revolution based on Internet. 

  The Pyramid was built on the control of the information flow. Organise people, give them proper information control and entertainment. Small pyramids have been aggregated in a one big, nicely dressed and manageable for those in the know. Internet has disrupted this Centralized Information control. 
  Donald Trump will never go really too far, but he is the symbol that Pyramid turned upside down. Few short years ago all your money could not buy all centralized broadcasting networks, now suddenly you do not have to do it anymore. I am out of politics, but writing here about investment mega-trends. We have just finished one and moving into the next one. Next Big Thing. Few billionaires are already on top of it busy adding more billions as well as all China with its military plan to dominate this space. We are talking about Power, it is based now on Centralised Energy Control. Corporate slavery and debt servitude are the last holding supporting structures after Information Control is lost, but Energy is the core. And Energy still means Oil by the large account, but not only anymore. Solar and Wind power generation costs are dropping very fast down. And now we have the miracle. Lithium Technology allows us to store energy - a lot of it and use it When We Need It! 
  This magic device is called an electric car and  Elon Musk with Tesla has demonstrated its full potential. Cheaper Lithium batteries are changing everything. Electricity is the most efficient form of Energy known to us. Now you can produce energy somewhere else, transfer it, store and use it when you need. Or even better: you can put Solar on your roof and go literally off the grid with Home Energy Storage. Utility scale energy storage systems are helping to make Solar and Wind power fully integrated into the smart grids. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution and this new distributed energy generation system will bring the real energy security.
  Nothing will be easy this time, as usual, Inverted Pyramid is unstable by nature and after Energy rEVolution with distributed energy generation based on Solar and Wind maybe the distributed Power will be coming in place? But let’s first survive the next disruption with Energy rEVolution and try to build up our middle class back with it from being totally extinguished. As with all big changes, there will be very big risks and even larger opportunities. About them are my previous pieces below. Read more."

Record Investments In Lithium Battery Companies Are Driving Energy Storage Industry In China.


  "We are talking a lot here about the Energy Storage as the next largest application of lithium technology after electric cars which makes Solar And Wind integration into the Smart Grids of the future possible.  In the future, this market will even overtake the EVs consuming more lithium batteries. 
  According to McKinsey, we have a totally new economics in place provided by the cheaper lithium batteries available for the Home Storage and Utility Storage Systems. Now we have the report from the ground in China by CNESAThe China Energy Storage Alliance - showing exactly what is happening in the country which is increasing its Energy Storage 10-fold in the next few years. 
  Energy Storage projects are growing in scale in China, new energy policies emphasize the strategy approved on the state level within 13th Five Year Plan. Power systems are granted more marketing opportunities for Energy Storage implementations. Chinese lithium battery makers are targeting foreign energy storage markets. BYD has just announced its systems available in the UK for the Home Storage. 
  And the most important is that the real money is flowing into Lithium Batteries R&D and  production facilities. New specialized Energy Storage companies are entering the market and we will have to learn new names here after studying how Warren Buffett's  BYD is leading the Lithium Race in China. 

New Energy Plan: China Installs One Large Wind Turbine And One Football Pitch Of Solar Panels Every Hour. 



Business Wire:

"BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new report from Navigant Research examines global energy storage projects, providing a database of more than 1,200 projects encompassing more than 43,000 individual systems, with an analysis of regional technology choices and market shares.

Market activity in the energy storage sector continues to grow, with new project announcements occurring routinely and industry players exploring innovative business cases to make energy storage systems (ESSs) profitable. Nearly two gigawatts (GW) of new ESSs have been announced in 2016 so far, and several projects have reached commercial operation this quarter alone. Click to tweet: According to a new report from @NavigantRSRCH, lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries remain the leading energy storage technology for new projects worldwide (excluding pumped hydro storage), accounting for 83 percent of newly announced ESS capacity through 3Q 2016.
“While Li-ion leads in terms of technology, distributed energy storage systems (DESSs) are becoming increasingly popular in several regions, accounting for around 14 percent of new system capacity announced in 2016—the highest percentage of any year on record,” says Ian McClenny, research associate with Navigant Research. “DESSs are generally much smaller than utility-scale systems and are expected to thrive as they become more cost-effective and productized, leading to more streamlined installation and opening new markets.”
Projects using flow batteries and hybrid battery systems are also becoming more popular, according to the report. These systems are advantageous in that they can provide multiple services to the grid based on dynamic conditions and specific requirements. Read more."

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