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Lithium Investing: Lithium Mining In Ontario - International Lithium Corp.

Lithium Investing News.

  Lithium Investing News has picked up our International Lithium story of the Upper Canada Lithium pool of projects. As you know, our main project is the Mariana Lithium Brine in Argentina where we have a J/V with Ganfeng Lithium. After the success in the developing that project and our second J/V with Ganfeng in Ireland at Avalonia lithium pegmatite project, we have made a deal with Pioneer Resources from Australia to advance our concept of potentially high-grade lithium mining projects based in Ontario. 
  Our secret source is the solid strategic partners with capital and technology to advance the projects, which are located right next to the very heart of The North American car manufacturing base. Below you can find more information about International Lithium and our vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium. 
  Please carefully read my legal disclaimer and never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial advisor. You can find all latest information about our company on International Lithium website and in filings on SEDAR and SEDI.

International Lithium Corp. And Pioneer Resources Increase Claims And Mobilize Crews To The Mavis And Raleigh Lithium Pegmatite Projects, Ontario, Canada

International Lithium Corp. And Pioneer Resources Plan $1 Million Exploration Budget At the Mavis And Raleigh Lithium Pegmatite Projects, Ontario, Canada.

“This brings the total amount budgeted for exploration to CAD$17 million across the Company’s projects in CanadaArgentina and Ireland, making International Lithium Corp. one of the most active exploration companies in the lithium sector.  This speaks volumes for the quality as well as the potential of the Company’s projects,” states Kirill Klip, President, International Lithium Corp.” Read more.

International Lithium – The Chinese Bet On Salares.

Lithium Salares. InvestorIntel.

  "Christopher Ecclestone has written a piece with the depth of knowledge of lithium industry I have not seen for a long time.  He was one of the very first analysts covering the Lithium 1.0 Rush in 2008-2009.  TNR Gold, our holding company which now has over 20% stake in International Lithium, was holding all lithium assets which were later spun off in the IPO with Ganfeng Lithium. TNR Gold went from 3 cents that year to over 30 cents in 2009.  
  The first hype came and was gone with numerous companies along with it, only the strongest have survived. Now we have the solid fundamentals about the Lithium 2.0 Launch. Electric cars are here and EVs for the mass market are coming now in the fast lane onto our streets. International Lithium is still very tightly held with TNR Gold holding over 20%, Ganfeng Lithium at 15% and myself with just under 10%. I would like to use this opportunity and thank all ILC Team and our partners helping us to build International Lithium as one of the most active lithium exploration and development companies in the world. We have CAD $17 million budgeted for the development of our projects on 3 continents. Today you can find more information on our company and our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium.
  Please carefully read my legal disclaimer and never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial advisor. You can find all latest information about our company on International Lithium website and in filings on SEDAR and SEDI. Read more."

International Lithium Video Update On All Projects And Ganfeng Special.

"Two major Chinese companies Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi are part of this state-level plan to build the Electric rEvolution from top to bottom, including the secure supply chain for the critical metal Lithium which is at the very heart of this technology. This year they have broken "The Old Lithium Big 3" and now we have "The New Lithium Top 5". Albemarle is in the first place and SQM is holding now to the second. Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi have pushed FMC into the 5th place and are chasing each other between 3rd and 4th. Ganfeng Lithium is a $4.5 Billion MC company and strategic partner of International Lithium. We were very fortunate after two years of due diligence to strike the major deal with Ganfeng for International Lithium in 2011. This business demands a long term planning and stamina just to stay with the game. This year, after 7 years of building our business, we are celebrating with Ganfeng the 5th anniversary International Lithium's IPO.   Read More"

Lithium Investing News:

Lithium Mining in Ontario

Excitement over the lithium market continues to grow and investors have been rapidly turning their interest over to the sector over the last couple of years.
Of course, it goes without saying that Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been a contributing factor to its success.
While most of the world’s lithium mining supply comes from China, Australia, Chile and Argentina, it has been garnering interest in North America in recent years. The Clayton Valley in Nevada has become a hot spot, and the fever is catching in Canada as well.
According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), Canada has approximately 1 million tons of lithium resource. As demand in the lithium-ion battery sector grows, production in the country is naturally expected to take off.
In particular, Ontario has become a place of interest for lithium mining, with a number of companies getting their fingers wet with projects and/or are exploring. The Investing News Network (INN) took a look at some of these companies.

International Lithium (TSXV:ILC)

True to its name, International Lithium has a portfolio of lithium assets all around the world, and in particular is focused on its Mariana lithium-potash brine project in Argentina.
However, in July 2016 the company announced that it – together with Pioneer Resources (ASX:PIO)–entered into an option agreement to advance International Lithium’s Raleigh lithium project in Ontario.
By October 2016, it was noted that a $1 million budget had been allocated between the  Mavis and Raleigh lithium projects. The release stated the exploration programs for both projects will include lithogeochemical sampling, ground and airborne geophysics and 3,000 meters of diamond drilling–1,500 meters each–over the fall and winter of 2016."

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