Monday, 6 April 2015

David Stockman: FED, US Dollar And 18 Trillion in Debt.

Nobody knows when it will happen, but we are getting close. Gold was +$20 in Asia this morning. Short squeeze will come after $1,225 and US Dollar line in the sand is at 96.24 now. What will happen when everybody will realise that they are wrong at the same time?

Huge Miss On The Jobs Report And Gold - The Parabolic Move In US Dollar Is Over.

  After today's huge miss on The Jobs Report the parabolic move in US Dollar is officially over. With crashing dollar commodities should finally find the bottom. Gold is already printing very strong Double Bottom Reversal, confirming what we had discussed before. Move above $1,310 will bring all the fun back now. Good Friday to everybody who is not short Gold or Euro … Monday will be interesting with Record Short position in Gold.

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project Development in Alaska.

 "Nova Gold has published its new presentation for PDAC 2015. Now you can find more information about Alaska as mining jurisdiction and Donlin Gold type of Gold deposit. TNR Gold owns 100% of Shotgun Gold project in Alaska, which has very similar geology to Donlin Gold, according to Greg Johnson - one of the founders of Nova Gold. Read more."