Saturday, 25 April 2015

Bix Weir - Silver, Gold And The End Game.

  Not everything is gold, but you can always find some … Coming from very different perspectives a lot of knowledgeable opinions are pointing out the obvious - you cannot print yourself to prosperity and the real value will find the light of day again. It will always be the wishful thinking until the people with the real money will start to buy Gold in thousand of tonnes per year … and this is exactly what China is doing right now.

China bank may have ‘tripled bullion holdings’.


  The amount of gold holdings by PBOC is the very important validation of the monetary role of gold. Estimations in the market are as high as 5,000 t or even 30,000 t spread between different Chinese agencies. 

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project Development in Alaska.

 "Nova Gold has published its new presentation for PDAC 2015. Now you can find more information about Alaska as mining jurisdiction and Donlin Gold type of Gold deposit. TNR Gold owns 100% of Shotgun Gold project in Alaska, which has very similar geology to Donlin Gold, according to Greg Johnson - one of the founders of Nova Gold. Read more."