Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Tesla Model 3 BIG Production Problems: Sales Already Crashing Competition Among Midsize Luxury Cars Following Tesla Model S Lead In Luxury Sector.

Tesla Model 3 is already crashing all competition in the midsize luxury car sales sector. Just wait for all production bugs to be fixed and all Tesla shorts will be served grilled. Elon Musk is buying $10M worth of Tesla shares in the open market and production numbers for Model 3 are moving up steadily every week now. Tesla Model S has been in the lead among all luxury cars sales in the USA for quite a long time and 500,000 strong reservation list for Model 3 will finally wake up all ICE automakers.

We had before the best electric cars like Model S and X, and we had affordable electric cars. Now we have Tesla Model 3 - the best affordable electric car! The Switch is here when millions of people will be literally switching to the electric cars. Elon Musk is talking about the production of 500,000 Tesla Model 3 per year and he believes that coming in 2020 Model Y can reach 1 million Electric SUV in annual sales.

Lithium Race To The Total EV Market Domination Is ON: Elon Musk Confirms Next Tesla Gigafactory Will Be In China.

"Lacking any clear government strategy to support the transition to the Post Carbon Economy in the West apart from very brave experiments with "Clean Coal" in the US and "Clean DIEsel" in Europe, companies like Tesla have to compete for crucial supply chains for materials for the Next Industrial rEVolution with the state-level military machine "Made in China". China is already the largest market for EVs and the prize will be the total domination in this sector on the global scale."

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Tesla Energy rEVolution: TNR Gold CEO On The Beginning Of A Megatrend Led By Electric Cars

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