Monday 26 February 2018

Security Of Lithium Supply For Tesla Energy rEVolution: Wood Mackenzie - “I Think A Lot Of Car Manufacturers Are Almost Panicking."

In the news over the weekend, BMW was caught in a crossfire over DIEselgate as well as Mercedes earlier last weeks. FIAT is talking about ditching DIEsel from 2022 and Porsche is thinking hard about the same move now. 

Ganfeng Lithium's $1 Billion Dollars Hong Kong IPO is making headlines and literally, only a few companies in the world can provide long-term contracts to supply lithium. Recent shakedown of the lithium sector provides the best entry point for "the smart money" and will open the new wave of M&A deals. Whether this "smart money" and people who have orchestrated the panic about SQM Lithium OverSupply Scare 2.0 are the same is not so important now. The fireworks are coming every time if you put disruption of $12 Trillion dollars industries of Transportation and Energy on the top of Lithium Market, which was only $3 Billion in sales in 2017.

Tesla Energy rEVolution M&A Chronicles: Top China Lithium Producer To Extend Deal Spree With Listing.

Kirill Klip: International Lithium Corp. Presentation At Wentworth. "Lithium Race And Energy rEVolution - The World Just Before The INTERNET."


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China and Japan lead dash for resources deals to capture market for powering autos of the future

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