Friday 21 October 2016

What Is Powering Electric rEVolution: Model 3 Owners Club - Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Details.

  Model 3 Owners Club has made another great video about the technology powering this Electric rEVolution at Tesla. Enjoy the brilliant presentation of what modern hi-tech technology can bring us disrupting "The Old Boys Club" of  $4 Trillion auto industry which is choking now on its own cancer hazard pollution.

The End Of Oil: Tony Seba - The Power Of Lithium Technology Disrupting $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation Industries.

Elon Musk: Tesla Drives Itself (No Human Input At All) Thru Urban Streets To Highway To Streets And Finds Parking.

Tesla Model S.

  "Lithium Technology is here. This video summarizes the achievements of Elon Musk and his Team at Tesla with hardware and software technology involved in one of the most complex machinery and how fast it is moving forward: Electric Car drives itself. This rapid advance changes the Energy Equation: we are not consuming the energy from the closed system depleting its resources, burning fossils and killing us in the process. Now we can convert the external energy from the Sun by Solar and Wind into electricity, store it and use when we want it. Now all technology costs are going down dramatically allowing the mass production, which in turn brings even more costs reductions for the components. The mass market for electric Cars is just around the corner now. Watch the video."

 "All automakers are now horrified by losing the luxury sedans market to Tesla Model S and can see the writing on the wall: they will be toasted by cheaper electric cars very soon. German ban on all sales of the new diesel and gas powered cars by 2030 seems to be more and more coming reality and now Mercedes and Volkswagen  will have to follow BMW seriously with the roll out of dozens of electric cars. Read more."

Lithium Race To The End Of The ICE Age: Tesla Model S Is The Best-selling US Luxury Sedan, By A Wide Margin.


   "And this is the real worry for all automakers, we are talking about here. Engadget reports on the disruption of the luxury sector by Tesla Model S which is always on ludicrous mode. The real electric cars provide much better performance and consumer satisfaction, we just need to have them cheaper. And they are coming very fast now from all automakers in a fear to be left out on ICE. The most important message after so many years is that it is not our dreams anymore: the best electric cars are here and customers are voting for them with their wallets. Lithium technology is here and cheap lithium batteries change everything.

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