Thursday, 8 May 2014

Market Manipulations, NI 43-101 And How The Honest Person Can Survive In Junior Mining.


  Update Ma 23rd, 2014.
  What else will we find out in the years to come? Naked Shorting will be in the spotlight one day as well.

"Barclays Fined £26m Over Gold Fixing Attempts
The latest scandal to tarnish the bank is over the attempted fixing of prices for the precious metal. Sky News"

  I have an hour break after my CCs with China and Australia this morning and have some time to share couple of very important things today with you. 
  First of all, the rumours of collapse in China are greatly exaggerated in the West, to the benefit of ... China. China buys record amount of Gold as well as Copper projects all over the world like Las Bambas and looking at others using the "soft market environment". Chinese companies are growing into industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium and securing the supply of strategic commodities for the Electric Revolution all over the Globe.
  Secondly, trying to find the answer to the question in the headline - it is almost impossible. I am personally making this risky experiment with my money to prove that it could be done. I have it done before in the company of the very strong industry titans like Lukas Lundin. One of my best operations so far was Tenke Mining, which was sold to Lundin Mining. I had a lot of others as well in Gold, Silver, Uranium, Zinc and Copper and we will discuss them later - what can be used to bring the success to our next stories. You have already guessed it right - it is TNR Gold and International Lithium. My money is where my mouth is.
  Manipulation is rampant in all markets: HFT Flash Boys, LIBOR, FOREX, Pensions, Energy ... Gold. Some of the former conspiracy theories are going in the court rooms now, others are still waiting for their time. But nothing could be compared with naked shorting and manipulations in the illiquid junior mining stocks. Dirty tactics are used all over the market like the banging the juniors into the close, suppressing the prices during the accumulation. You can get the idea from the reports made by Jim Puplava  on Financial Sense and the summary: Naked Short Selling: The Problem.
  Not a lot of people are talking about it - not a lot of us have the voice. And that is the real problem. Just have a look at the OTC market full with companies  with the  word Lithium in the name. Every major industry development like Tesla Gigafactory is greeted with Pump and Dump, just check the charts. This is why I would like to start this conversation: to show that we are the real people doing the hard work here in our companies.
  Our junior mining companies are regulated by TSX Exchange and BCSC and I do understand why they are so strict in order to prevent another Bre-X and will explain to my readers what I have to do in order not to get in any trouble. Social media is the new and maybe the only way for us to tell our story and save our capital for the real development of the projects, to invest in the ground. 

  My position is open everybody knows who I am, I have invested my own money in TNR Gold and International Lithium and is the largest person as individual shareholder in both companies in the great company of my partners. I am going to sleep and waking up with the question how to make these two businesses great? I am here to make the money for my shareholders, including myself and change the world ... just a little bit.  
  Back to the rules. I can not give you any Non-Public Insider Material Information or tipping. I will never do so. You can not Trade using this kind of information and you will never do so, because you will never get it here. I instead will provide you with my personal thoughts, this blog is my personal effort to communicate with you. I will explain our Public information which was properly released before and give you my personal view on it. I will bring you the industry context and my personal radical views of the world and my reasons why I have invested my money into these People of my Teams and Companies. You will decide whether you would like to be part of this conversation or one of our enterprises.

  Now you can understand why we can't talk about a lot of technical details in such a great project like Los Azules Copper. McEwen Mining is the Operator of this project and we have our Back-In right, but our technical 43-101 qualified person was not able to check all the relevant information first hand. We rely on all information provided by McEwen Mining within 43-101 Rules. These are the tricks we have to be in compliance with. And there is no problem with it. Rob McEwen has done a great job developing the project into what he calls "One Of The Largest Copper Deposits In The World" and today you can participate in McEwen Mining Conference Call and find a lot of information on McEwen Mining website.
  I have already discussed Los Azules Copper Back-In Right here and I would recommend to contact Jim Mustard VP at PI Financial to get more information about Los Azules Copper project and our Back-In Right Asset.

  Here we come to the very important take away from today's conversation. How to survive and beat the odds to become the success? Manipulation can not go forever the true value will always be realised one day after some hard work. You have to find The Great People. Only invest into the best people you can find. I have found my Team and will introduce them to you here, starting with my partner Gary Schellenerg - the founder of TNR Gold and my co-founder of International Lithium. Together we found our other great Team members and partners: Rob McEwen is the legend in the Gold market and we are proud to be part of Los Azules Copper Project development with him. Ganfeng Lithium is the top world-wide Lithium Materials producer and now we working together to build the Vertically Integrated Lithium Business. Now we are looking for the best strategic partner to advance our Shotgun Gold project in Alaska.
  Why have I decided to start our conversation now? We are ready. We have the Team, the Assets and the Markets for them. They just do not know about each other yet. Come and join us if you like what you see, give us a call to talk about our business and opportunities. One small advice: if you have never talked to the people who supposed to make you money you better buy the lottery ticket, rather than shares anywhere. 
  And the last thing to make it clear: I will never ask you to buy shares in any of our companies, just enjoy the journey!



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