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Building Green Energy Metals Royalty Co.: John Davies TNR Gold - Understanding The Commodity Cycle Is Critical Within Mining And Exploration.

"The daily price fluctuation is ‘part and parcel’ of the commodities sector and reflects countless matters, often highly speculative in nature and equally should be expected. Certainly profiting from said movement may be alluring to investors in the immediate term but the great investment success stories come in ‘the long game’, having a position and seeing the fundamental qualities of the underlying commodity reflected in the market price. 
‘Long game’, not days, weeks or even months but years and with said approach, when directed proper, will reward investors for their insights. Quite naturally understanding the commodity cycle is critical within mining and exploration but equally savvy investors need to both understand said cycle and use to their advantage in a ‘long game’ contrarian strategy. 

This is possibly never more important than the present where technological advancements come at rapid fire pace and the mining and exploration sector will be put to the utmost test. From the ‘EV revolution’ and related battery storage sector and the remarkable growth of ‘green energy’, as well as global infrastructure demands, our society is making extraordinary advancements but with each, the critical ingredient comes via mining. 
Each of these great advancements places a heavy burden on metals and in many instances, none more obvious than copper, as forecasted demand in the coming years is far greater than present supply lines. Further exacerbated by the recent retracement of copper prices, brought on primarily by concerns of the consequences of a global trade war and strength of the American dollar, there is not remotely sufficient new projects coming on stream to match demand. 

Said simply, the price of copper has the potential of significant upward movement for many years to come. 
Wise investors should consider this situation, understand the potential opportunities in the sector and weigh against risks and their risk tolerance but always consider from a standpoint of a ‘long game’ strategy. 
At TNR Gold we possess the ‘winning long game strategy’ that understands the vast possibilities ahead with the remarkable growth phases in the ‘EV’ and ‘green energy’ revolution and furthermore believe potential retracement in said commodity cycle provides tremendous investment opportunities.  
In the coming months we will unveil our innovations in the area of capital financing, how we prioritise creating maximal shareholder value and how investors can participate in a company that understands the enormous benefits that the ‘green energy revolution’ provides society as a whole for generations to come.  
TNR Gold, the company that goes beyond the Balance Sheet. We build."



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Supply For Tesla Energy rEVolution. GEM Royalty TNR Gold NSR Copper Holding With McEwen Mining: "Los Azules - Our Sleeping Giant."

Security of Lithium Supply is in the headlines, finally. Discovery of the Copper place in Tesla Energy rEVolution will be next. Back into the future: with new record-low prices for Solar whole continents can skip the grid and fossil fuels based energy infrastructure. They can save trillions of dollars in associated CAPEX and move directly into 21st century Post Carbon Economy. Solar and Micro Grids can power Africa, India and South America. Copper is the red metal which is going Green supercharging electric cars and renewable energy infrastructure.

InvestorIntel: TNR Gold Fine Tuning Royalty Model For Green Energy Metals.

"But the investment that could return really big bucks is another NSR that TNR holds in the Los Azules copper project in Argentina, currently being developed by former Goldcorp founder Rob McEwen. TNR holds a 0.36% NSR royalty on the project, which could return $35 billion over a 35-year mine life. A looming copper crunch as the market could move into structural deficit by 2020 means that major mining companies are hungry to pounce on attractive projects being developed by juniors. A preliminary economic assessment shows that Los Azules could deliver 415 million pounds (188,241 metric tons) of copper production a year for the first ten years of mine life with cash costs of $1.11 a pound, according to TNR. 
“Investors are putting a larger discount on our cash flow because people do not expect that McEwen Mining will put this project into production,” Klip said. “All majors are looking for a good copper project and there is more and more interest.


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.

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