Wednesday 3 August 2016

BREXIT DieselGate Fallout: Diesel Vehicle Purchases Banned By City Of London Corporation - Who Will Follow Now?

The City of London Corporation has also created the ‘City Air’ app, which offers low-pollution travel routes around the capital

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Update September 17th, 2016.

  Mark Tebbutt has brought to my attention his message about DIEselgate and call for action from "Friends Of The Earth." Please go on the safe link below and sign the petition to ditch  diesel today. Below you can find more information why do we have to do it now. 

Ditch diesel, cut air pollution

WHO: DieselGate Is A Cancer Problem - Auto Industry Calls "Not To Jeopardise Diesel As One Of Its Key Pillars."

  City Of London Corporation makes diesel cars the first casualty of Brexit breaking free from the corrupted EU protecting the automakers of diesel cars with cancer hazard emissions choking us all to death. Who will follow now the new sustainability benchmark in the UK? Let's not waste a good Brexit opportunity and ban all diesel cars right now in the UK and all petrol cars by 2020. We have the real chance to jump start the Energy rEVolution in the UK and make millions of high paid manufacturing jobs in the country providing affordable energy, electric cars and the real Energy Security to the Great Britain. It is time to make Britain The Great again. 

After The BREXIT: Stop DieselGate And Dump The Pump - Elon Musk Presents Electric Tesla Model 3.

  "Her Majesty the Queen has reassured everybody yesterday: "Well, I am still alive". Now more people believe that there is life after the BREXIT and FTSE is gaining almost all lost ground from the last week. Smart people have managed to buy more Tesla  shares on the cheap and the price is crawling back over $200 again. 
  Now we have to find the strong woman to make the UK the Great Britain again. My vision for the UK is the one of Singapore and Switzerland squared with the free market ruling the lives of proud hard working people governed by uncorrupted politicians. I guess that this dangerous combination for the status quo will never really happen, but we can try at least with the easy three-step plan: government cuts corporate taxes, introduces one page 15% flat personal tax and everybody starts to work really hard;  Pound is backed by Gold and New Energy Plan is unleashed based on Renewable Energy and Electric Cars.  If China can build from scratch its New Energy strategic industries of Solar and EVs why the UK can't? Now with corrupted EU politicians out of the scene in the UK, we can stop DieselGate for real. 

  The Great Britain starts building the manufacturing base for the 21st century based on Solar Power Generation, Energy Storage, Lithium Technology and Electric Cars. All sales of new diesel cars are banned immediately and all petrol cars from 2020. Millions of new working places are created, Britain becomes The Great again and starts to export all over the world its goods and services, trade is booming backed by Gold pound. People are paying 15% flat tax - because it is cheaper than run from it. I guess that I better stop dreaming - it is not happening. So you all better check what will happen when $12 Trillion industries are finally disrupted and we all start buying Chinese Electric Cars.  
  There is still a small chance that my dream can come true for the UK and electric cars are coming anyway: they are just better and very soon will be cheaper. We have just a chance to make the UK the Great Britain again. Elon Musk is talking how it could be done and below are some of my thoughts about the far-reaching implications of this vision. Read more."

Diesel vehicle purchases banned by City of London Corporation

London's struggling attempt to battle rising air pollution was given a welcome boost on Monday (1 August), after the City of London Corporation announced a ban on the purchase of diesel vehicles for its business fleets.
The City of London Corporation has also created the ‘City Air’ app, which offers low-pollution travel routes around the capital
With a fleet of more than 300 vehicles, the City Corporation arrived at an agreement to ban the purchase of diesel vehicles and will instead explore the benefits of hybrid vehicles.
Head of Procurement at the City of London Corporation Chris Bell said: “This agreement is a major step forward in our drive to protect the millions of London tourists, workers and residents from air pollution.
“The City Corporation takes air quality extremely seriously. We are taking responsibility for the cleanliness of our fleet and encouraging the use of low and zero emission vehicles with our partners.
“It complements the work that we are doing to support many City businesses who are also cutting back on vehicle deliveries and using more hybrid vehicles.”
With diesel being the main source of nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions and particulate matter (PM10), the City Corporation is continuing to clamp down on its usage of diesel vehicles. It has already seen a 40% reduction of NOx and 50% of PM10 since 2009. This is due to a reduction of fleet sizes and purchasing low-emission vehicles. However, some diesel vehicles such as tractors will still be procured due to the lack of a non-diesel alternative.
The City of London Corporation has also created the ‘City Air’ app, which offers low-pollution travel routes around the capital. It joins the growing trend of mobile apps geared towards tackling air pollution, which includes the CleanSpace app that visualises pollution levels.
Additionally, the Corporation has also introduced a city wide 20mph zone and a city wide cutback on engine idling and tighter restrictions on bulldozers and generators.
Death of diesel
The announcement comes just a week after the approval of the London City Airports expansion, a move criticised by green groups as a ‘reckless and irresponsible’ decision. Also, with London having breached its annual air pollution limits within a single week earlier this year, eyes are on the city to crackdown on its environmental impact.
However, there is a series of business-orientated changes that aim to tackle the serious air pollution problem in London. With such a large number of fleets active in the UK, steps have already been introduced to mitigate the potential environmental impact.
In April this year, a Department for Transport (DfT) investigation revealed that some vehicles in the UK are still producing up to 12 times the EU maximum limit for road-tested emissions, tarnishing the Government’s claims that it "leading the push" for greater emissions testing in diesel cars.
London was also absent from the list of 20 European cities calling for more stringent regulations to be put in place across the continent to tackle the deadly levels of air pollution caused by diesel vehicles.
However, London’s dormant approach to tackling diesel emissions could be rejuvenated by new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who has vowed to introduce Clean Bus Corridors and a diesel vehicle scrappage scheme.
Alex Baldwin

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