Wednesday 4 May 2016

Lithium Race In The World's Largest Auto Market: Top Ten Electric Cars Showcased At 2016 Beijing Auto Show.


  What will happen if you take the largest auto market in the world and the latest lithium technology? China will have the solution how to leapfrog the ICE age technology of burning oil and straight into the post carbon economy with Electric Cars and Solar. The side effects will include Lithium price rising from $6,000 per LCE T to over $20,000 from the last summer. People are asking me: what will happen if Lithium price comes back down - and I am replying: what will happen if it is not? What will be the demand for Lithium? Nobody knows, expectations are that it will rise at least 100% in the next 5 years based on the coming lithium batteries Gigafactory and Megafactories, which are being built already. What will happen to demand for Lithium if all cars will be electric by 2030? What will be the price for Lithium in this case? 
  For me the question is that we have ENOUGH Lithium and in at the right time to make millions of electric cars very fast for all of us. Our Team at International Lithium continues its 7 years strong performance of acquiring the best lithium projects and developing them with the best strategic partners. Only now Mr Market is giving us some respect for the years of the very hard work. What will be the right price? Nobody knows. Do you remember the world just before the INTERNET? Now we are there again. The world is just before the INTERNET in Energy rEVolution. $12 Trillion dollars industries of Transportation and Energy are being disrupted, just find your own Apple, Google and Facebook in this market Mega Trend. 
  We will celebrate our international Lithium IPO 5th anniversary this month with three projects being drilled on the three continents. Giant from China, which has risen now to $3.9 Billon market cap -  Ganfeng Lithium is financing our J/Vs at Mariana brine lithium in Argentina and Avalonia hard rock lithium in Ireland. Pioneer Resources from Australia is on the fast track of exploration now on Mavis lithium and tantalum project in Canada. The future is electric, now we can Bottle The Electricity and use it when we want. The Sun is always there to make more of it and Elon Musk is showing us all the way. China is shining bright with all its might dedicated to dominate this space of the Next Energy rEVolution based on Solar and Electric Cars. Do you know that 28 companies are already making 51 models of electric cars in China? They are not Teslas yet, but are getting there and you can see the best of them in Beijing now.

Tech Trends: Latest Lithium Technology Comes To The World's Largest Auto-Market - China All Electric Concept Car.

  "China is killing Apple already by stealing its market share with the new smart phones you have never heard about, will it do the same with Tesla? Maybe one day, but it can already control Tesla's dreams about mass market for EVs by controlling Lithium supply chains. West is very slow to wake up to the reality, that China controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide market already, which goes into Panasonic lithium cells supplied to Tesla. Ganfeng Lithium is supplying Panasonic, BYD and LG Chem among other EVs market players. China is on track to take Lithium Batteries market over and will become the largest electric cars market in the world this year.
  BYD is the leader in electric cars production and sales in China and the world-wide leader in electric buses. With Tesla Model 3 orders surging above 400,000 we have the clear indication that customers are ready for the great electric cars now. But are auto-makers ready to make them? Tesla's waiting list now will stretch easily into the next two years, who will fill up the void? In the U.S. GM Bolt will take the lead, but BYD is the real coming global force now. They have their own Lithium Batteries Megafactories in the making in China and Brasil now, building electric buss and lithium batteries facilities in Argentina and have just made the headlines about the security of Lithium Supply. They can buy a lot of time to the market if BYD can ever make a strategic alliance with Tesla and buy Tesla Model 3 power-trains - than we can talk about millions of EVs in China very fast. Read more."

Lithium Race: China's LeEco Unveils Electric Concept Car With Sights Set On Industry Leaders.


  "People are asking me what will be the demand for lithium in the future. I know that only short term estimations are 100% increase in lithium demand in the next 5 years based on the coming on-line lithium batteries production facilities by Tesla Gigafactory and Megafactories in China being built by BYD, Foxconn, Boston Power, LG Chem, Samsung, Panasonic and A123. On top of it we should put 17 new lithium batteries start ups in China and announcements about lithium battery factories in Europe by LG Chem, Mercedes and A123. After this week news from Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Mercedes it will be safe to say that after this advertisement campaign about cancer hazard toxic emissions produced by all cars, people will start to buy the best electric cars instead. Now the question will be how to make them fast for all. 
  In case when all cars will be electric my answer will be: I do not know exactly how big the demand for lithium will be - it is important that we will have enough for us! We are building vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium from China financing our J/V in Argentina and Ireland. China is already the centre of Lithium Universe. It is the largest lithium market, China is rising very fast to claim the number one position in Lithium Battery business and will become the largest market for electric cars after 400% growth in EVs sales like Tesla has tweeted today. Now it is learning to build the best electric cars with the advanced lithium technology - meet LeEco Electric Super Car. Read more."

The Times of India:

Top Ten Electric Cars Showcased At 2016 Beijing Auto Show.

Chinese car manufacturers and foreign auto giants have brought out their best electric offering at the 2016 Beijing Auto Expo. In a market that experts say will electrify the global rechargeable car market, the best of the best were put on display by manufacturers.

China is the world's largest auto market and the electric car market has been expanding rapidly as well. According to an AFP report, China was also the number one market for electric vehicles last year. With electric cars exempt from traffic restriction rules here, the sales figures are only expected to grow further. Here are the ten electric (and electric concept) cars showcased.

Arcfox 7

AP photo

Beiqi New Energy has displayed the ArcFox 7 supercar which is capable of rushing from naught to 62mph in three seconds. Helping its surge is its carbon fibre body and a claimed range of 180 miles on a single battery charge.


AP photo

Auto enthusiasts are terming LeSee as China's answer to Tesla Model 3. Internet and Information Technology company LeEco has pushed the boundary and introduced the electric sedan - creating a lot of buzz. And the buzz is not without reason. In the concept stage currently, the car can reach a top speed of 130 mph. However, apart from autonomous-driving capability and electric powertrain, no other detail has yet been revealed.

Tesla Model S

AP photo

Tesla did not really unveil Model S in Beijing Auto Show but the electric car still deserves a mention as it has generated a lot of interest here despite being a rather well-known offering from the company. The electric sedan can rush from naught to 60mph in 2.8 seconds, a range of 270 miles, has autopilot capabilities and boasts of a plethora of safety features. There is little wonder then that LeSee, many say, is targeting Model S.


AP photo

Chinese company Qiantu has showcased its 402 bhp electric sports car in its near-production avataar. The K50 has a claimed top speed of 124mph and a claimed mileage of 186 miles on a single charge. Once launched, it is expected to carry a price tag of 70,000 pounds.

Changjiang eCOOL electric car

Changjiang is a new Chinese company looking to make a mark in the electric car segment in the country. The company showcased its first car - the Chanjiang EV - which is in concept stage currently.


Reuters photo

To call it a supercar would be a bit of an understatement. After all, the FFZERO1 boasts of a 1000 horsepower. However, it is only a concept car, although California-based Faraday Future - the company behind FFZERO1 - says the car can be produced in limited numbers. Speaking of numbers, Farady Future claims that the electric car can do 0-60mph in under three seconds and has a top speed of 200mph.


AP photo

The BMW i8 always steals the show and the Beijing Auto Show has been no exception. The plug-in hybrid sports car has a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, range of 370 miles (in Eco Pro mode) and a top speed of 150mph.


AFP photo

The Peugeot Fractal concept is a 2+2 concept which is just 3.8m in length. The car has 201 bhp coming in from two electric motors but what is expected in it are a state-of-the-art gizmoz, including a 12.1 entertainment system.


AP photo

Powered by a an electric motor with an output of 136hp, the car - from China's BAIC - is capapble of reaching a top speed of 87 mph. The EU260 has a range of 161 miles.

C30 EV

Chinese car maker Great Wall has promised to make electric cars more affordable and the electric version of C30, it says, is a step in that direction."

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