Friday 22 April 2016

Please Do Not Laugh: Daimler Investigates Mercedes Toxic Emissions After Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout.


  I do hope that Daimler will not be very tough on its own Mercedes Diesel production division. Maybe it will come as a surprise to you, but auto-makers are auditing themselves on the cancer hazard toxic emissions. And help from friendly corrupted politicians is on the way anyway, EU has ... doubled the toxic emissions standards in wake of Volkswagen DieselGate Scandal.
  But now it looks like people cannot be fooled and more. Tesla Model S outsells last year Audi 8, BMW 7 and Mercedes S already! Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and now Mercedes are making the best advertisement campaign for electric cars ever. Now Tesla Model 3 will bring end to all these dinosaurs running their cars on ICE age technology with controlled explosions of the fossil dinosaurs poop.  We have a tectonic shift of the billions of consumers of the existing product which is killing us all when we use it to the better, faster and cheaper one. Dump The Pump - Electric Cars are here.

Now It's Official:

The Guardian: Diesel cars' emissions far higher on road than in lab, tests show

Stop DieselGate: Help Us Say No To Dirty Air - Lithium Technology For Electric Cars Is Here.

  "Lithium Technology for Electric Cars to save us all from deadly poisoning is here, but so are the corrupted politicians who are saving all that cancer hazard polluting rubbish from becoming fossils along with producing it auto lobby. After cheating devices in Volkswagen were discovered and numerous reports emerged pointing out that basically all models of diesel and petrol cars from all auto-makers are exceeding levels of emissions, EU Parliament  ... has just doubled the amount of allowed diesel Emissions! There is no safe level of toxic emissions and now we can finally clean our air with the wide introduction of electric cars on the state levels.
  We will get there anyway with electric cars getting not only better than ICE age ones, but cheaper as well. In the end it is just plain stupid to pay yourself to poison your own kids. This is the main driver behind the exponential growth in sales of Electric Cars. Tesla Model 3 400,000 reservations in just two weeks show this future and it is electric. Dump The Pump. Very soon you will be able to do it and get 21st century and even cheaper car with much better performance. It all could be so much faster with millions lives saved literally.
 Today Mitsubishi has joined Volkswagen to advertise Electric Cars: Read more."

DieselGate: Daimler US Lawsuit - Mercedes BlueTech Diesel Emits NOx At Levels 65 Times Higher Than Those Permitted.

"We have a sequel to our Volkswagen DieselGate. After total disgrace demonstrated by EU Parliament when they DOUBLED the limits for auto-makers we can safely state that nobody of auto-makers can really comply with any cancer hazard toxic diesel emissions standards. Read more."

Deadly Air Pollution: Mind The Gap - 40% The Average Difference Between Official CO2 Tests And Real Emissions.

Transport and Environment.

Lithium Race From "Clean Diesel" Scam: Daimler Investing €500 Million Into New Lithium Battery Factory In Germany.


Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: Tesla Model S Outsold Mercedes-Benz S Class In Europe In 2015!


  "Thanks to the best advertisement campaign for electric cars organised by Volkswagen and corrupt EU politicians, we have another groundbreaking event reported by InsideEVs. Last year Tesla Model S outsold Audi 8, BMW 7 and Mercedes S Class! People with the money are going electric. Even more will do so once good electric cars are available in Europe. Tesla Model 3 will make the trick 325,000 reservations in one week time with reported today! Who will be first to secure the strategic alliance with Elon Musk, stop messing around with ICE and buy from Tesla Model 3 power-trains to bring electric cars to the millions fast? Read more."


  • Carmaker probes emissions at request of U.S. authorities
  • Operating profit falls 8.5 percent to 2.68 billion euros

    Daimler AG’s diesel-engine emissions came under scrutiny after the carmaker was asked by the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the certification process of its cars.
    The maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles said it’s cooperating fully with authorities and that a U.S. class action lawsuit alleging some of its cars violated emissions standards, prompting the government’s request, is “baseless.” The stock dropped the most in more than three months in Frankfurt.
    The investigation casts a further cloud over Daimler as the automaker got off to a slow start with an 8.5 percent drop in first-quarter earnings. Car-pollution levels are being more closely monitored around the world following diesel cheating at Volkswagen AG, which is expected Friday to release additional details on the billions of euros in fees and fines it faces as a result of the scandal.
    “The investigation may be procedural, following the class-action suits filed against Daimler about their diesel technology not working properly,” said Sascha Gommel, a Frankfurt-based analyst with Commerzbank AG. “In any event, it’s unlikely to be an issue on the scale of Volkswagen.”

    The shares dropped as much as 6.2 percent in Frankfurt, trading down 4.15 euros to 62.51 euros at 10:54 a.m. The stock has lost more than 19 percent in value this year, making it the worst performer on the 16-member Stoxx 600 Automobiles & Parts (Price) Index.
    Daimler, based in Stuttgart, has been under pressure after a Mercedes owner in Illinois filed suit two months ago. The suit, followed by similar ones, alleges Mercedes-Benz clean-diesel models contain a device that causes the vehicles to violate U.S. emissions standards when run at cooler temperatures, making them less environmentally friendly than advertised. Specifically, the allegation claims the automaker uses a device in its BlueTec cars to turn off a system meant to reduce polluting nitrogen oxides in its exhaust. U.S. authorities asked Daimler to investigate on April 15.
    Daimler said it will probe “possible indications of irregularities and of course take all necessary actions.” The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also contacted the company earlier this year over the allegations, which Daimler Chief Executive Officer Dieter Zetsche rejected in February as without merit. While Daimler has acknowledged the existence of a device, it says it’s legal and designed to protect the engine.
    Daimler is in the process of appointing a law firm to help with the internal probe and coordinate cooperation with the Department of Justice, Chief Financial Officer Bodo Uebber said Friday on a conference call. He declined to say whether other U.S. authorities such as the EPA and California Air Resources Board were part of the checks.
    German authorities will also present results Friday of a broader survey into cars that pollute more on the road then they do in the lab. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Motors Corp. admitted this week that it manipulated fuel-economy tests, and PSA Group said late Thursday that its premises in France were searched by government fraud investigators.

    Profit Revival

    The investigation comes as Daimler’s earnings before interest and taxes from ongoing business declined to 2.68 billion euros ($3.03 billion) in the first quarter from 2.93 billion euros a year earlier, due to the cost of rolling out an upgraded version of the Mercedes E-Class sedan. The company forecast in early April that profit growth will revive later this year as more customers buy the E-Class, the luxury division’s most important model. The new version came out in March.
    Mercedes is poised to overtake BMW as the world’s biggest maker of luxury cars. The return on sales at the Mercedes-Benz Cars unit, which also includes the Smart city-car brand, narrowed to 7 percent in the quarter from 9.4 percent a year earlier.
    Earnings at the truck division, which builds Mercedes and Freightliner commercial vehicles, rose 9.3 percent to 516 million euros, and profitability widened to 6.3 percent of revenue from 5.6 percent.
    The pace of growth in operating earnings will rise slightly this year, following a 37 percent surge to a record 13.8 billion euros in 2015, Daimler said Friday."

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