Wednesday 16 March 2016

Lithium Race To Mass Market For Electric Cars: Tesla Model 3 - Tune In For The 3/31 Unveiling.

Tune in for the 3/31 unveiling on

  They are coming! Tesla Model 3 will bring us the mass market for Electric Cars. New full electric car model for the mass market from Tesla will deliver BMW 3 performance at lower price - we are getting there! GM Bolt will be coming already this year and will have a first entry advantage into this huge North American market. We have the first real competition and price wars between affordable electric cars. Cheap lithium batteries change everything and now we need the secure lithium supply for this Energy rEVolution. International Lithium is working on it in North America now as well.

International Lithium Options Mavis Lithium Project and Forms Strategic Alliance with Australian Company, Pioneer Resources Ltd.

  Mr Kirill Klip, President, International Lithium Corp. stated: "We are very pleased that International Lithium is opening a new strategic phase of expanding its operations in North America. We are at the very beginning of the mass market for electric cars with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 coming into production this and next year respectively. Recent huge spike in lithium prices in China, the centre of lithium industry today, has demonstrated the importance of our strategic partnership with Ganfeng Lithium in building the vertically integrated lithium business with our J/V projects in Argentina and Ireland. We envision that North American market, which is dominated by producers from Asia, will start to build its own lithium batteries production facilities like Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, U.S. This transaction is the first step for ILC in building the secure supply of lithium for the North American market." Read more.

Mass Market For Electric Cars: You Can Order Tesla Model 3 in April For As Low As $22,000.


  "The mass market for electric cars is fast approaching in our lithium race into the post carbon world. To buy the best electric car with 200 miles range with performance to challenge rivals like BMW 3 series for just $22k you have to be in Colorado, U.S. For everybody else you have to check your state and federal tax incentives in place and take them into account reducing $35k price tag. If you will be still hesitating, just check UK prices. Tesla Model 3 will be priced at £30k (almost $45k), but it looks like a bargain compared to Tesla Model S and X with both cost upwards of £50k. The most important message to the world is that now you can buy electric car from Tesla Motors challenging BMW 3 series in performance and price! By 2020 I expect that electric cars will be better and cheaper than ICE ones and my 20/200 formula will disrupt the $4 Trillion dollars auto-industry. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this rEVolution. Read more."

International Lithium: The Shortest Business Case For Lithium Energy rEVolution.

International Lithium Corp. Announces Private Placement.

    "All good things take time, care and patience. Lithium Technology is here and Energy rEVolution is coming next to you with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 igniting the mass market for electric cars. Slowly, but surely we are building our Vertically Integrated Lithium Business with Ganfeng Lithium with our J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina. Now it is time for Canada to shine and that wind for our sails I was talking last Fall about is coming. We have survived during the storm on the sand bank, now we know what to do when the tide is coming. I welcome all our new Partners to International Lithium, fasten your seatbelt, we are moving forward. Read more."

Lithium Race: Will Price War Between GM Bolt And Tesla Model 3 Bring Us Mass Market For EVs?

  Finally, GM Bolt is out as production model at CES 2016! What is even better: GM promises to deliver now 200 miles with around $30k price tag! We are getting to my 20/200 EV mass market formula now: when $20k buys you BMW 2 type EV with 200 miles range. The first Price War in the Electric Space is officially on now! GM Bolt is priced "around" $30k and is challenging Tesla Model 3 to be unveiled at Geneva Auto show in March this year. Elon Musk will easily match performance of GM Bolt, in my personal opinion. Tesla can deserve even price premium to GM Bolt: next move from Elon Musk will be very interesting - will he go for the bold statement and the market share by matching GM Bolt at $30k price tag instead of $35k?

  Later, Gigafactory will allow Elon Musk to be more aggressive with pricing with the increased volume, but what will be Tesla's move now? GM Bolt is supplied by LG Chem with lithium batteries: it will be very interesting to know the price and whether LG Chem is going for the market share as well now by selling lithium batteries below cost. I have never heard that LG Chem is working on the next stage of Lithium Solid State Batteries, can somebody help me here, please?
 Lithium Solid State Batteries can be the largest secret around Gigafactory and Tesla Model 3 future. If Elon Musk is really working on it now and will be able to commercialise it - we can talk about $100/kWh lithium battery cost, when 50 kWh lithium battery for Tesla Model 3 will be costing only $5k and will provide at least 200 miles range! Read more."

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